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  1. Start slow with how to construct a song , www.songwritingstarts.com I have some tips.
  2. http://nashvillecali...sic/be-the-one/ I like short titles, This one some guru, said I forced some ryhmes , i told him you need to listen with your heart instead of with music rule book, he said touche after it got picked up by publisher, them gurus aren't always right / Off base , the shorts ones are the best , People will remember them better with short title hooks. Basically most people don't know a chorus from a bridge , they either like it or don't peroid. On a side note, if you let love wreck or save your world, and live to tell about it , You'll get your title.
  3. Well I pitch to majors is why, I don't care if it just a guitar vocal , I was just curious on different styles and talent . yes it's pro it's been redemoed I think 3 times maybe 4 I forget. Rewrites two yeras before you see and hear this final cut. Don't be shy
  4. "I said my honest opinion" (when you are angry at someone and say something in a rather harsh/honest/direct manner) - 4 syllables Your begging for the truth I can see it your eyes So i gave you what you wanted instead i should have lied Now your broken as you cry and run away But its better to be living in the heart of pain and gray. Love is like magic, spinning wildly in burning flames But now the fire has ended two souls have lost again. cliches im rusty .
  5. Ok the tag instead, would that be the first or last line } Ha Ha
  6. The hardest thing to do is to write a simple song with a memorable melody and lyrics. Ha Ha you got them to mix some what.
  7. Ha Ha Ha , Yeah the confusion of life, and my first wife.
  8. Yeah that's a good one , also signs on freeways , there everywhere if you're tuned in. Not a real good idea to write a song while driving though. Yes talking to colorful people usually have a few good titles in them. Always good to carry a small notebook, Or Iphone to type them in. Though I very seldom use any of them, it's good practice.
  9. Here's one I think is one of the best songs I've written , Id like to hear everyones best song too. http://nashvillecalifornia.com/beta/music/church-for-sale/ He was born in a small town, raised on the gospel truth Took a job in the city, where his faith soon lost it's roots So he packed up his lost soul, and drove back home today Found himself at this old church, where he was saved But what he saw was a sign on the broken door Chorus Church for sale, it may seem weathered beyond repair Been awhile since it heard a prayer Needs love hammer and nails And a fresh coat of faith Church for sale V2 Echoes of Sunday sermons, bring back sweet memories As the cracked stained glass reflects, a broken man on his knees It's hard now to remember why he ever ran away But chance or faith led him to this forgotten place Jesus swung a hammer, maybe he could too repeat chorus bridge Now on a sunlit sacred day, there's praises from every pew And a man singing Amazing Grace, who was raised on the gospel truth
  10. Well i'm back in California , I was thinking about the most important thing of a song on that long flight back form Cebu, well that and the strange food they serve. It all starts with that first opening line. If you can get that started , it revs the engine up. Like "She came blowing in like a Typoon and drowned my heart" I dislike heart to have to ryhyme , I need to break a rule And then staying of topic as the second line evolves . As you probably guessed it it will be a country love song.. What will be the hook chorus , not sure yet. but will be upbeat , thats a good thing. I thought i'd share my way of writing., I hear the muse whispering a little melody. It's a love hate relationship } Music is like Morpine injected in the heart and soul.
  11. I play guitar and sing, I took lessons , but after finding my own way i can navigate my way around the guitar pretty well now. I have a website in process www.nashvillecalifornia.com/beta, I owned a website that made micro niche sites that crashed and burned a few days ago. Bad timing with all the changes in google , and trying to compete with outsourcing , it closed it.. I lost 100k in 8 months So as i sit in the Manila airport waiting to go back to California , I'm pondering what i will do next , perhaps rank my site and try to prosper with that.
  12. I'm in the philipines right now, So I'm listening to a lot of fillpino music , They have some good stuff ,
  13. " Frozen Man ". By James Taylor is a cool historical song ,
  14. content with keywords is important , but with panda and penguin updates , You better not keyword stuff it, meaning no more then 3 times in a 400 word article with the given keyword , I would not use fiverr anymore for anything especially for backlinks. Squidoo lense is a idea to use.
  15. sounds like you need a producer , A good one wil probably find some ideas that work
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