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Pretty much every song I've ever written to music has used chords through verses and chorus, and recently, I was playing one and my friend objected. I'll try to show you what went down through the medium of text:

(Playing song)

Friend: "That's just chords."

Me: "Uh...yeah."

Friend: "Bit lazy."

Me: "Well the start and the pre-chorus aren't chords..."

Friend: "Yeah, but you use chords.

Me: "Well that's what they're there for,"

Friend: "As far as I'm concerned, anyone that uses chords is just lazy."

Which has left me puzzled. I was always taught that chords were there to be used, but my friend thinks differently. I've heard one of his songs and it's all just notes on themselves.

Does anyone here have an opinion on this?

P.S. I'm still using chords btw. In fact I think he just wants Slash or something lol.

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Chords are there to provide a harmonic context for the melody, so it sounds like you're using them right. This is a perfectly good way to get your songs across playing solo, or to show somebody what you're doing. Using partial chords or leads to imply the harmony is also valid, and usually more interesting, tho if someone is just trying to show off it can get too busy and tiring. If he can do that well he could play your chords in that style and see what comes out of it. On the other hand, if he's just playing the same notes he's singing without adding any harmony that's pretty boring. Even if his playing is great I think it's a pretty odd (and short-sighted) criticism to make.

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I think you should ignore him!

Seriously though, he may have a point as far as ALWAYS using chords is concerned, but realistically that IS what they're there for, and it's a lot more work (for me at least) to sort out a part that isn't chords, and usually it doesn't sound as good... I would suggest maybe try writing some songs (maybe just instrumentals for a start) that avoid chords a bit just for the exercise in a different songwriting style (always nice to mix and match a bit!).

But overall - ignore him ;)

Rohan :P

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I would be tempted to tell him, "But, dude--you're only playing *notes*. There's more to music than just *notes*. There's *context*, man. You have no context. You're only playing *notes*. What good is that?"

And then let him feel guilty aobut what he started...


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I take issue with you again Lazz!

I thought that was someone else's job.

Is there a vacation schedule I don't know about ?

Marmite is the single WORST topping for toast!

Oh piffle.

In the context of chords versus melody, adhesive qualities must never be overlooked.

10 days

brown rice

take him away

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put butter on the toast and cut them into "fingers", and dip them into the egg.

In the lands of the angles and scots these are known as 'soldiers'.

Who the hell knows why ?

Toasted marmite soldiers for egg-dipping.

Line 'em up and get 'em down.

Ther were so many implicit contradictions involved in Jules' original report that I thought maybe there was something else going on or they were talkin at crushed porpoise somehow - and for all those valid reasons already mentioned. Hard to tell without being there.

But then I recalled a Pat Coleman dictum which he applies mercilessly to all his guitar students: - "No Strumming !!".

So maybe Jules' pal was talking about strumming too.

Is that any help ?

Probably not.

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I like dry toast...

I think the main reason is that he was taught by his older brother, who is infamous for being not only not very good at guitar, but thinking he's a god at guitar.

My friend views chords as shortcuts, but I'm not really bothered, because despite me not being the best guitarist, he is one of the few people I can have the nerve to say is a fairly terrible guitarist.

I just thought I would post for your opinions.

P.S. Where were the implicit contradictions, by the way?

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