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Promoting Your Music

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how do you promote your music?

Now there is a question and a half i tend to put my music up in various places radio stations sites like xfm and my space type sites you tube and other music forums as well as talking on general forums and music sections in football,gaming sites send off to radio stations entering competitions but as sure as hell i will be missing other ways trying to keep the momentum up without geting feedback i find is the hardest when the self doubt creeps in , live playing which for me can be the hardest as a lot of open mic nights can have little impact and of course on here having the members casting an eye over it is valuble to me as most of the guys on here are here for the same reason and tend to be honest but not cruel in there reviews

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Short answer is "Every way I can."

I decided a long time ago I had to prove my songs (or my ability to write songs) was a marketable commodity, and the only way I could do that with the limited resources I had was to perform them. So I do. I do open mikes, I do jam sessions, I play gigs when I can get them. I play in bands when I can find one that wants me. I help out other musicians--playing lead guitar, if it's simple enough--and invite them to help me.

And of course, I've got CDs (I'm working on the third since 2003), and a Soundclick page, and a MySpace musician page, yada yada. Mostly Soundclick (and Whitby Shores, where I've started posting a lot of my music) is a place where I can put songs to answer the question, "But what does it *sound* like?" that venue owners and potential buyers of the CDs are likely to have.

I co-write when I can, too. One of my favorite spare-time activities is putting other people's lyrics to music. It is gratifying when they like it--and especially gratifying when they seek me out later, and ask me to do another one.

And I rob unmercifully from the likes of you (and you, and you, and...). Every time I run across a promotional trick I think I can use, I'll try it.

Do I expect to make it big in the music business? Heck, no. Even if I were good, the Powers That Be are unlikely ever to let me into their club. I do have the potential to become a big fish in a smaller pond, and I am working at that. Time will tell...


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Sort answer: Promote online.

Can be a little time consuming but very essential.

To do it on a small budget use the following list as a "very rough'' guideline:


Use social networking websites (Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, etc)

Use video sharing sites (Youtube, Viddler, etc)

Use blogs (your own and comment on other peoples - make sure you leave track backs or links back to your blog)

Use word of mouth (always the best way)

Use online PR companies (PRWeb.com, PRLeap.com - These types of companies can spread your press release all over the web if your release is compelling enough)

Use forums (find out where people that like your type of music hang out - but stick to the rules instead of just turning up and promoting)

If you are starting out and would like to know what to do to set up a record label visit:


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