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Howdy Dudes + Dudettes.

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Hey, so I like wanted to indtroduce myself... so hi 8)

My name's Chloe, I'm 13 (hmmph, I seem to have been that age for a long time. And don't think I'm immature, 'cos I'm not... [smiley=bounce.gif])

So yeah, I'm english, I'm happy... I turn to writing when I'm bored, but really do it because I love creating things like characters, meanings, mottos, comedy, whatever... And that progressed into songs, because I listen to music to get inspiration. [smiley=rockin.gif]

I wrote one terrible song, but I discarded that and went on to write some others and I'm young, inexperienced and a bit of a doof, so I thought I'd need some help in realizing if I have talent or not. :-[

I think I'm blabbing on so I'll stop. Be my friend, I come in peace. :D:worship2:

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Welcome aboard Chloe, I'm sure you'll develop a talent on here, whether you got it right now or not :P

Just watch out, we give honest reviews on here, but always so as to be constructive and help you get better. It sounds like you're keen on learning, so don't be put off if you're first post is critiqued quite, erm, severely, the more you try the better you'll get :)

Steve: I believe it can be translated into old speak in the term 'fool' or 'foolish' :P

Cheers, Rohan :)

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