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My Newest Film Clip

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Well hello again!

I've seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth as I have been totally consumed by trying to make this music clip.

My biggest challenge so far, even though it probably looks so darn "simple" !

I know the symbolism "may" disturb some of different religious faiths.

I have written my thoughts about that on Vimeo, so be aware that if you have a really strong dislike of anything "pagan" then you would probably not feel comfortable with this clip.

In fact I came across one person who was very disturbed by some of the images and probably no longer wishes to associate with me.

Reactions like that perplex me, but...well, each to his or her own.

Anyway....hey, from a technical point of view all I had to work with was household lighting. Desk lamps and bedroom lamps, balanced on cushions and strung from the ceiling, lol and I had to film it entirely inside instead of OUTSIDE, which is really what I would have preferred to do.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the results, especially from a technical/editing point of view.

Here it is.



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Hi Tracy. I cant offer any useful tech advice. I have never tried to do anything like this myself. However.....

I think the vid is superb, as is the music production. (I cant normally see vid-links due to PC set-up: Glad I could see this one though)

Beautiful. Well done indeed. [smiley=thumb.gif]

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Hi Rudi!

Hey thanks for taking a look and your nice comments. :)

I forgot to mention that if these huge HD files are too big - take too long to stream, you can always click the HD button OFF so it's standard definition.

You didn't mention that you had any problems watching it, so I hope you didn't!

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I'm using a JVC Everio HD 7. The image stabilisation is CRAP on this camera. Get's very bad reviews for that, but that is simply solved by using a tripod :)

The best thing about it is the ease of all the manual features which are all external on the camera - not on the LCD screen, which I personally hate.

I'm not sure if this model has been superceeded yet but I would highly recommend it for anyone who is not afraid of using the manual features of a camera.

John, skyclad in HD.....no thankyou very much, LOL!

Thanks for watching :)

Edited by Desertrose
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John, skyclad in HD.....no thankyou very much, LOL!


I really like this one. I'm very impressed with the video skills you are conquering. The fades and superimpositions??? are magickal!! I particularly like the split view of the Water.

What editing software are you using?

Thank you for sharing [smiley=bounce.gif]

don't worry about the closed minds, they are the ones that lose out

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Thanks Nightwolf.

Oh I'm so pleased you noticed all my fades and layers. God they drove me INSANE!

I used SO many effects in Sony Vegas :) that it slowed everything down SO much that each little BIT that had a layer had to be rendered down separately just so I could check the timing of the fades.

I had to do this literally hundreds of times with all those little "bits" in order to get everything crossfading and fading in time.

This final clip is the fifteenth render of the whole entire song (THIS version...I did another one before this one!) - and each one of those took about 40 minutes!

I was like a woman possessed though - determined not to miss one little section that was slightly too quick or too slow on a fade.

I surely hope I've suceeded, because I tell you what, if there IS one tiny bit that some one tells me needs fixing I'm NOT FIXING IT! LOL!

And thanks too for the support on the closed minds.

Poo to them!


I just love that face.

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