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Please Help - Record Sales

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Hi there!

I’m all new on this forum.

I’m currently working on a computer game with another guy (freeware – you can download it for free when it’s finished), which simulates the music industry. In this game you’ll be in the position of CEO of a record label and you have to do everything from scouting for new talent to be signed, sign the contracts, arrange the promotion, plan the releases, arrange tours etc. – it will be very realistic, I promise!

Currently we’re working on simulating record sales and my question is:

Is there any way you can justify talking about a specific sales model for music. I mean something along these lines:

First week sales is X

Second week sales then drop X % from first week

Third week sales then drop X % from second week


In this model promotional events of any kind is not considered. This will be a factor which will be incorporated later on.

I know this is a pretty hard question to answer, but is there a rule of thumb on this in the music industry?

Thanks in advance!

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Record sales are directly related to exposure to media and distribution saturation.

There are a couple of different variables there:

- Concerts

- Radio Play (how to get radio play? Send CDs around and sit on the phone)

- Magazine interviews (see Radio Play note)

- Appearances on popular shows

- Scandals (all PR is good PR)

- ... you can probably think of even more ...

To get distribution, the record store CD buyers already need to have heard about you, so you need to take into account pre- and postdistribution PR campains. A hit is always helpful, since it means more radio play. There will also be a certain "Word of mouth" variable into account.

Now - go buy my CD: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/finnarild

Finn :) ...

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not to mention viral campaigns, a more directed word of mouth approach

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