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Hello :)

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Hi everyone!!

I just joined today because I an aspiring new musician.

I've never had vocal lessons before & I am very excited to start my first lessons this year! I know how to play guitar, and I want to write lyrics to accompany my singing/guitar playing. My boyfriend also happens to be recording artist (who is amaazing at guitar :P ) so we plan to make some music this summer. This is all 100% new to me, but I'm very passionate about it.

I joined because I want ideas/tips on song writing. Where do I start writing? Do my lyrics sound decent? etc.

So how did you all start out? I am curious to know!

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Hi and welcome to Songstuff Juliet :)

I started as a musician age 4. My mum was an opera singer and piano teacher amongst other things. I was always fascinated with how music was composed and arranged, so I learnt how to play a variety of instruments. By the time I was 15 I had played in orchestras, marching bands (including being in a world champion pipe band) and a variety of music shows and bands. From 16 on I was exclusively in original rock, pop and folk bands. I had already been writing songs and music for a number of years at that point. At 18 I started training as a recording studio engineer while I played in bands. I used to play 5 gigs a week at some points. I later went to university to study electronics with music. I have done session work, written, arranged, recorded and produced. I have written for bands, TV and film (though nothing too exciting) and for corporate videos. I've played on TV and radio but not for quite a few years. There's lots more but I forget and get bored talking about myself lol ;)

Oh and I started Songstuff. :)

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Hello Juliet.

Nice to meet you and welcome to Songstuff! :thumb23:

You'll get to learn a LOT here. Lots of experienced musicians and lots of resources.

I dont remember when I got interested in music,my mom says I used to mumble some words listening to songs even when I was a very little kid.But real and serious interest in music came after my middle school. I was really amused by how some musicians played the guitar which led to me taking a few classes and some self learning for it. I started writing songs a few months after I first touched a guitar,and have been writing ever since.Thats pretty much it on how it started out :)

Anyways,nice to meet you again! :)


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It seems like everyone has thier own path that they took to discover music, pretty cool!

I know I personally never listened to ANY music when I was younger, or tried instruments. I always wanted a guitar, but my parents werent a fan. So when I started college a few yrs ago, I said "screw it" and learned anyway. Now I cant put it down! I want to learn to sing so I can accompany my playing..think it would be fun :D I like to write lyrics too, though i can never tell if they are bad or not :rolleyes: haha.

I guess you cant fight music once you realize your passion for it. :thumb23:

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Hi Juliet and welcome.

I just wanted to say well done for following your instincts and never ever give up trying.

When you're ready, post some lyrics/music/songs but to help give you a little confidence before you do, take some time to look through the board, search for the questions you are asking and realise that a lot of your answers may be in older posts and other parts of the board you may not think to look in.

The amazing thing I found when I arrived here was that I needed to look not only at lyrics but the other parts of the board to make sense of how it all fits together.

Another important thing too is to remain open, don't make your work set in stone. And be honest when you review and critique other peoples work (don't just be nice :) ).

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Hi Juliet - welcome :) ...

I started out on the guitar when I was around 6 - had 4 years of classical guitar training from 7 and then started playing on the livingroom organ. I started writing simple pieces and songs when I was around 10-11 and in a band when I was 14. I had an 8 track tape studio by 18, we went MIDI a couple of years later with a sync track and fully digital sometime in the 90s. We never released anything, but did a lot of commercials and private productions.

In this milennia I have released 2 solo albums, links below :) ...

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