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Just Another Newbie Songwriter

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What shall I say to keep your interest?

Well, as there are probably more lyricist on this site then a composer can shake a stick at, I won't try to act any more special than the next lyricist. I will say this: I like to write lyrics to melodies. That's when I really get into using my true creativity. I've been writing songs for over 15 years. I've spent the money, the time, the energy and the sweat and tears that most have trying to break into this God-forsaken industry. And I just keep punishing myself, thinking maybe, just maybe... I will get to put my two cents into a project that will do more than hang from soundcloud, soundclick, or other publishing/media websites. Until then, I will just enjoy doing what I've been screwing up for years.

Through all of my mistakes, I've learned how to write lyrics that a composer can actually figure out. I.E. syllable usage, proper structure of a proper song, creating lyrics that actually mean something, and writing lyrics that someone else other than my measly thoughts, can actually capture and figure out.

I also like to write with other lyricist. Ever figured out the hook, but find yourself dumbfound trying to think of the verses or bridges? Ever written a poem that flows, but you can't really figure out a proper chorus/hook that would go along with the words? It happens? Hell, I do it all the time! Well, let's work together!

Last but not least, as you can see.. I take time to write in some quaint little detail, so I also like to critique others. Most of the time, I'm browsing the songwriting forum just to get inspiration and providing a little feed back is just the tool to get my own juices flowing.

I'm not here to promote myself, more than I'm here to actually go to work. You want to know more about me, click on "About me" in my profile. For now, I've blabbed enough and I'm sure you guys don't need to see any more words in this post.. So I say adu.. and I go to work.

PM me, email me, call me, whatever. I live in WV (blah), so if there are any writers in that state (and yes, WV is still a state in the U.S. pretty close to PA/Ohio too) lets get together. It's much more fun and productive. Until then.. see you in forums!


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Hey Bo

Welcome to Songstuff. Great intro :) Sounds like you'll fit right in :)

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Great! Nice to have you here at Songstuff Bo. :)

Welcome to the family,


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Welcome, Bo!

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