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Hello, Everyone, my name is Tiffany Simar and I have been writing for almost 22 years now.  I am a self published author, who has released five books so far.  Three books out of the five are poetry/lyric books.  The last two are dominated by lyrics. I write lyrics ranging from pop, rock, country, christian, and (rap when the mood strikes me)<---<--not a fan of rap music, but ya know, sometimes strange things happen, lol.  I love, LOVE music so much and credit music for getting me through some pretty tough times.  I am currently unemployed and struggling to find work, I consider myself to be a bleeding author, due to the fact that I am fighting like crazy to make book sales (not succeeding) and the only income I make is that check that comes through when I actually make the mark every three months or so; I haven't received a check in forever it seems, because, as stated, I am struggling to make sales.  


I cannot read music and don't know how to play an instrument.  If I hear music though, I can put lyrics to it and have been known to write a song in five minutes.  I am so moved by life and things around me and would love to write for anyone who is in need of a lyricist.  My writing has been compared to Aaron Lewis of Staind (this was an amazing honor to hear from someone!)  I am willing to move because, well, it would be nice to get away from the hell in which I live.  


Anyway, please shoot me an e-mail if interested and let me write your next hit :)

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Welcome to Songstuff  :)



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