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One Crazy Rocker. One Crazy Dream.

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Hi! I´m glad to have found this forum!


Like stated in the title above, I am a crazy rocker with an equally crazy dream.

I loved rock since ever and I love to sing. Being to shy has prevented me from singing to anyone else than my absolutely nearest family. So, instead of singing I have been writing lyrics for some time now.


Up came this crazy idea of mine. I am going to be a rocksinger (or at least I will try..) My goal for now is to take 3-4 of my own songs into a studio and then release them.


So why am I throwing myself into this madness?


1. I want to show (God, let me succeed...) that everyone can fulfill their dreams. You just need the fighting spirit! I am totally convinced that this is the case, let´s see if I´m right!

2. If I do what I want to (regardless of what people around me thinks) will I be proud of myself just to have tried? And, of course, the biggest motivator of all: 

I don´t want to spend the last hours in my deathbed regretting fulfilling my dreams because I just didn´t have the guts to try.


I will need a lots of support and good advice, hoping you will join me on this crazy and probably quite bumpy road!


With love//Mazing Mary

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Great to meet you Mary, welcome to Songstuff.

Singing takes guts, but not really much more than being a lyricist. As a singer and songwriter myself I have to say singing your own songs is more stressful still as you really are laying yourself out there for all to see, which is a scary proposition, especially if you are shy.

So my first tip is, independently of your writing and your performance of your own material, get started on developing your singing and performance skills by singing other people's songs. The easiest and least stressful way is find a karaoke bar, somewhere across town where friends and family in the audience won't be a distraction. For all they can be supportive, singing for strangers is less daunting for most people. Get used to singing, to performing.

My second tip, and it just offered the same advice for confidence building with another singer last week, sing everywhere you go, every opportunity you find. Walking down the street, out shopping, at work etc. people may look at you but so what? Many will smile, kids will laugh and point but so what? It gets your skills improving faster AND you get used to being heard. Nervous? At first yes. Soon people know you as being the mad girl that sings, but eventually you are just the girl that sings. It is alien for anyone to sing walking down the street, just as dancing is too, but it can really help... You just have to get the guts to do it and keep doing it, again, and again.

Make mistakes loud and proud and you will be less likely to make the same mistake again.

Don't sing in "timid voice" that is a sure recipe for disaster.

Teach yourself the craft of singing. Go for lessons.

Record yourself and listen back. Do what pros do, get into the habit of finding mistakes and fixing them. Beating yourself up just leaves you two steps back and feeling crap. Listening and learning takes you a step forward. So be honest, be fair, and fix the mistakes. Every singer you ever heard has to practice, and listen and learn.

My "get you off the starting blocks with advice" two cents lol

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