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Hey Yall I'm Felicia

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Hello Everyone, my name is Felicia but you can call me queencity because that's where I'm from in North Carolina. I just wanted to introduce myself, network and get to know a few like minded individuals.


I am 28 years old, been songwriting since the age of 11. I have crossed paths with a few established artist, singers and writers some who have heard my music and liked my music as well.


Music is my passion, writing is my passion. When all else fail, whether it be a job that I've lost, or a job that I've gained, when I try to tackle other projects that has nothing to do with music, if they work out or not, I always seem to find music on whatever path I'm on so I'm convinced that Music should be apart of my life.


I write everything from R&B, Gospel, Country, Pop even rap music, I don't like to put myself in a box an say I only write a certain genre, I can write it all.


I always state my disclaimer to people, yes I do have a disclaimer lol for the people I will meet along this journey who would like to hear my music, let me state my disclaimer:


"I am not a singer, I am not a rapper, I am a songwriter, so when you hear my music please critique me on my lyrical content and not my vocal ability"


Please and thanks lol


I look forward to working with you guys I'm super excited, Lets create together

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