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I Call This The Message

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[chorus] x2


ive got some cuts here and there

ive got cuts almost everywhere

only a perfect cut can and will start bleeding,

here how about i show what im f*cki'n seeing


[verse 1]


this one cut, 

the one right here

this one is just for my fear

i wish that i could always hear

that all my freinds could live a happy life 

without having two shed a tear

all my fear is for my friends and for my friends alone

that they can live a happy life at school and at home

now this second one here is for my insanity,

one day soon, i just know i'll be destructive toward humanity

even if i don't , i will sure cause a calamity

that's the reason i can't live you f*cker

that's the way it has to be

there is always someone mad at me

i'm not even trusted by my family


[chorus] x2


[verse two]


if this rap ever gets on a radiO

just listen to when i say

i wont do this for the fame O.K.?

i want to talk to kids my age so

let me give your children hope

please let me give your children light

at the end of the tunnel the light's in sight

 i learned that i was loved

i learned that i had friends

if i fell down cuz i was shoved, i would get back up again

some kids don't eat, some kids don't sleep

they're all depressed just like me

they don't eat

then people ask

"are you hungry my sweet?"

"no thanks, i already ate" they say

they look at all that food on the shelf

on the inside they scream "HEY!"

"can't you see i f*cking starve myself?"




[verse three]


you could kill yourself in a wink

drown yourself and just sink

your eyes are pink and you're arms are stained in blood

the bloods running down a sink

you might really want to die

but people do care about you, really

some people love you if you do or don't work out your kinks

so let some of the pain show

a friend's more important that a foe

if someone does some thing really low 

then theyre just a narrow-minded hoe

come with me we will talk

let's you and me take a walk

i will tell you your missing link

this is the message for everything

you have more support than you will ever f*cking think.


[chorus] x3

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