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pure love baby

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When we first met

we had so many good times

you had so many good lines

I don't have to think hard

to come up with the rhymes

to tell you how I feel

that's how I know this shits for real



I got you baby now

and I don't want to let you go

and all these feelings that I have

I want to let you know

baby I want you in my life

and maby some day

ill make you my wife


ive had other lovers

but I never felt like this

pure bliss


baby your on my mind 24/7

I know you been sent from heaven


just cant waite to get you home

caress your body from head to toe

baby you just don't know

the love

I have for you




the first time we met I was ahh struck

maby fate

maby luck

felt like I got hit by a mack truck


there comes a time in every mans life for change

time to rearrange

the things that are not right

time to take flight

and with you in my life

everything is allright





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Got some spelling issues, and it could flow better. I'm sure it has to do with your time limit, but i'd like to see how some of your shit comes out if you spent a little more time and thought on them.

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Try using more assonance in your rhymes than the more obvious sounds

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