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Greetings from Norway

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Hi there,


Just another baby-butt fresh indie dreamer here.


A short introduction.


My name is David, I'm 27 and based in Oslo, Norway. Currently writing my master's thesis while working part-time as an elemantary school teacher. 


I have grown up in a musical family and church environment, being exposed to more classical forms of music since I was conceived. (Literally. My mom worked with recording classical concerts while pregnant.)


I was drawn to the piano since I was a toddler. I quickly learned to improvise, harmonize and write small melodies on our living room keyboard since I was six. Singing and playing in church on a regular basis. Sneaking out in the living room 3 am to put on James Horner's Titanic soundtrack and fly. Spending hours in daytime listening, visualizing, basking in the grandeur of his music, and others'. Dreaming music, breathing music.


I received my first music production synthesizer as a gift from my mom at 15 and immediately began composing more elaborate instrumental pieces. I never really had the patience to learn reading or writing notes (unfortunately), so I play and write by ear, and when necessary, jot down chords. 


I upgraded with another Yamaha synth a couple of years ago and finally purchased a studio microphone, Ableton Live and a couple of post-production music software. I am only now learning the science of mastering/post-production as a home-studio, one-man show artist.


My more consistent influences are Secret Garden, Enya and James Horner. I'm an eclectic listener, but these have so far have written music that has inspired me on a more recurring basis.


I am infatuated with music combining classical, world, folk and pop elements. Melody and harmony are paramount. I have a fetish for modal ('Gregorian mode') music, like celtic, and also various other modal traditions (oriental, etc.). 


And finally, I'm looking for willing hearts and minds to exchange valuable feedback and tips for home-based music production!


Cheers! 🙂

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Sounds awesome Cyningsleah!  Can't wait to hear some of your work, I love Enya too and enjoy complex melodies and harmonies.  

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Hi and welcome to the Songstuff family David! Dive right in, :)

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