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Stuck in loneliness - colabs wanted

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First post!

I have left all cover band projects behind, now writing all alone late at night. Trying to find a musical soulmate or any kind of songwriting colab. I have so far found dozens of communties/groups giving nothing - just folks saying "look at me and like me".  Let's see if I can found new friends here or not :) 

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Hi ParFer, welcome!  What kind of music do you write? 

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What do you offer - what do you want?

Like most people on the forums I mostly write lyrics for nobody in particular or for songwriting partners. As for the latter I prefer working with live performing artists - because of the royalties ;-) But often also just for the fun of it  - there are many great non-commercial song posts on the internet to stroke my ego ;-) So that's fine as well.

Although I also write songs nobody seems to be interested since I'm a rather lousy musician myself. I would love to find other people who could play and produce my own songs better than I. But my favorite genres are rock and (sometimes) folk which are genres where people write their own stuff (other than pop and, to a lesser degree, country).


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Hello Bernd,

I didn't say so much at all in my post...


I have played all life in cover bands - rock, handrock, blues, pop, folk, irish.

Have never believed that I can write, so I kept on playing drums, bass, guitar and banjo, made arrangements an so on.

The kids&family life made me take a break from music.


Now I sit late at night with so much inspiration - writing lyrics and melodies. Still don't know if I have talent or not.

The only thing I know is that I have no education in songwriting and no contacts (producers, record companies etc)

Trying to write in genres I really don't know. That's why I'm into country now. That's why I'am searching for friends. 


The best thing would be to find some people "with the same feelings". To write a verse and a chorus send it and see what happens.

Most people says that it's impossible to continue a song not written by yourself, but I don't think so.


Just a simple example I made in 20 minutes one early morning before work after reading a SMS from a friend getting divorced:

Is it worth to be finished, or is it best to press delete?

Have a good evening!



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A good start, I'd say. Just a second verse - that could be it*. Maybe a little instrumental interlude or so. My own songs often are rather short. I don't mind. I don't need a bridge then, or a solo. Just ABABAB - done. If it's only one and a half minutes that's okay.

How about performing in your vicinity instead of trying to 'pitch' songs or making it big? You grow from what you're doing. Since you have performed a lot it should be much easier for you than it was and is for me. I've begun performing my acoustic songs a year ago, the response is rather mixed; but I'm reworking and improving my set list and will keep it up. And then there is the little pocket money on the side (what's in the hat and the royalties)...

*actually, your verse has got the content a chorus might have, and vice versa. In a typical song the verses would tell the story, and the chorus convey the sentiment. You could try to post your lyrics in the lyrics section and ask for corrections (a few are needed) and suggestions there.

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Hi ParFer! Your post sounds like something I would write. Actually I did. In the collaboration forum just a few days ago. I'd love to connect with you and see if we work well together. I am back into music after a long life hiatus too. I picked up a guitar this year and started song writing. I am not new to music, but I am new to guitar and songwriting. Private message me if you want to try a collab and we can see if we are a good fit.




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