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The New Guy

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I’m orchestrating an immaculate pack against psychopathics

Moonwalking’ like Michael Jackson

At my height of rappin’ I might attract them

With my pad and pen

Patented fashion, master craftin’ these raps with madness

And usin’ talent to cancel out the sadness like mathematics, heh

I ain’t playin’ around

You could throw some hate up at me, I ain’t makin’ a sound

You can find me downtown jammin’ to B.I.G.

Still dunkin’ after havin’ drunken 3 ICEE’s

You’ll see a different me when I’m at the church

That’s an altar ego

Alterin’ my saunter as I walk across the rendezvous spot as if I’m incognito

Getta tattoo in my arm of Han solo, neato

Uh, gettin’ green like greedo

But these peeps know the budget tight like a speedo

My instruments move belligerent regiments from their residence

Like a call to arms from the President

This excellence is heaven sent

And their expressions seem to question if the kid is legit

This pen in my possession is used as a weapon second

And my confession seems to threaten the microphone when I spit

Let it die down

Gettin’ closer to coal status

Don’t care about cold stashes

Just let it unfold

Caches are located in controlled crashes, mm

I let the smol smile and smolder happen

Crackin’ myself up

Had me rollin’ for miles laughin’

Had to hack and tap into the brackets and put my name onto the letterman jackets , G

Honor roll student with tactics
Its me.

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