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first step to future proof home studio

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hey, tomorrow my new interface will be arriving. iv chosen to go with the universal audio Apollo twin usb,  from what iv researched it has a industry standard and is future proof.


I am using


fl20: as my production and daw


cubebase5: for recording (I would like to know the best industry standard for recording vocals if it matters which daw?)


phantom power: leem phw22


microphone: audio technica a2020 cardioid condenser (im unsure if it is broken and would like to upgrade to the best industry standard quality if needed) the mic sounds very loud and clear (can hear quiet things from another room such as cutlery being washed) in flstudio. in Cubase the volume is very low and quality is not the same yet its easier to record in cubase


interface:  universal audio Apollo twin usb


speakers: Proel Eikon 8 active studio monitor 

                  Proel Eikon 10s Studio Subwoofer

mixer:Behringer DX626 Pro Mixer

need proper mixer if needed?

current set up.


windows tower

usb3 out to interface

interface to mixer

mixer out to speakers


microphone into phantom power

phantom power into interface


i'm looking for the best quality sound that's possible to enjoy music with clarity and also to create

im also interested in maybe a compressor and things like that to help production I have difficulties using compression using my daw so maybe this would help make it easy and improve the quality?


is there any essential things im missing out on? do you have any recommendations  for improvement


also how important are quality wires Iv pretty good wires but would an improvement there make an overall difference



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I also use Cubase 5 but you may find that its 32 Bit

it shouldn't be a problem as many of the VST, are 32 bit but the newer ones are 64bit

sometimes both 

I dont know the Apollo twin but it looks good, I use a focusrite & the latency is quite low

Using a external mixer is OK however the mixing facilities on Cubase are good & you keep

everything in the digital domain so good quality, I suggest also installing Kontakt this will

open a new world with many different sound libraries

if you need any help you can also PM me    

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