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New Music Friday #6

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Here is the thread for NMF #6. Looking forward to hearing what you've worked on this week!


I mostly worked on extending NMF 1 again. As usual, it's the first track on the reel. Still no title, though I'm thinking of calling it "Sequences," because it is largely a study of arpeggios and sequences.


I've added about 30 seconds and focused quite a bit on the mix (and yes, this is how slow I normally work). :)



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Sorry I missed last weeks NMF.


Steve its been really interesting hearing this song evolve over time. I'm getting a Mr.Robot vibe from this track that I wasn't getting before (One of the best shows of all time + soundtrack imo). The synth in parts is almost identical in timbre but not in Melody which is cool to hear.


Here is what I've been working on this week. I'm at a point where I'm not sure if I have created just a big mess, but I personally really like this track I've made. I'm debating working on this in a lot more detail. Finishing it and getting it mastered and maybe releasing it on Spotify for fun. But I just need to actually finish the damn thing.



Oh and Happy Holidays everyone!



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First timer on NMF - I got a new guitar last week, set it up for slide and, while I was noodling a blues this morning, noticed that I felt too good to be blue. Which (of course) precipitated a basic I, IV, V fun song - something like "Feeling Bad Cuz I Can't Get the Blues".  


So far I've just got a few lyrics ideas - My baby doesn't do me wrong - always treats me right - we make money all day long and whoopee every night - I drink cognac in my Cadillac, my Pa was Howard Hughes - I'm just sitting, feeling bad, cuz I can't get the blues. Writing this song will just be fun - thinking of all the old blues tropes that I don't have - my dog hasn't run off, my girl-friend hasn't told my wife, my Mama isn't in prison, got no holes in my shoes, etc. - and putting it together with some slide guitar and blues harp.


Any lyric ideas from y'all are welcome! Maybe I can work them in...


Happy Holidays!!



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@Old Technology Ryan, lots of cool shit in this piece. Yes, by all means, finish it and put it out there. I enjoy the trip you take me on.

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@Popthree Mike, enjoyed your piece. Definitely a cool interpretation!


@6 String Thanks for popping in. Looking forward to hearing work from you!

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