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Why can't women create good music without the help of a man?

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Firstly, there are almost no successful all-girl bands.


Even for rare ones, like Spice Girls and Pussycat Dolls, their songs are still written by a man. Despite the fact that these groups are supposed to represent girl power and all that jazz, they still had to run to guys to manufacture their hit songs.


So - the question in title, why can't women create good music just by themselves without the help of a man? 

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Hmmmm, it’s almost like you are courting controversy!


Let’s see, an industry set up at a time when women working was frowned upon, and as it grew it kept woman out of the top jobs. There are far less women working in pop/rock industry over all. Less girls form bands to start with. Maybe they generally have more realistic dreams? Lol


out of interest, women dominate the classical music scene, though some instruments, like concert piano, are still dominated by men.


A lot of other genres are fed by rock, and rock bands are very dominated by men. There are some brilliant female musicians but they are swimming in a sea of men. By sheer weight of numbers they are hidden. And yet, take a look at the pop charts now… it is dominated by female singers.


Maybe you could reframe your question… why do men need to hang on to the coat tails of women in order to get anywhere in music these days?


Truth is there are some differences to the sexes, but like business, the best result is often with mixed gender set ups. True, it comes with its own problems, yet often it is worth the price. Men and women are just as creative, just as capable of excellence. Don’t be thinking that skewed results borne from a highly loaded industry are anything other than misleading.


Genre has a massive bearing too. Let’s face it, the listeners to a lot of music genres are highly skewed nevermind the performers.

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12 minutes ago, HoboSage said:

What a coincidence that someone intentionally posts here to come across as being a misogynistic troll, and does so using a Muslim-Iranian name.

why coincidence? Have I missed something?

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Reality:  "Songs are written by a team, no matter who the actors(!) in the resulting song might be!"


"A song" is "a work of fiction."  It is not real.  Bilbo Baggins never existed.  Neither did Captain James T. Kirk.  Nor the protagonists of "Black Velvet" nor "Fancy" nor "Does He Love You" nor "The Legend of Wooley Swamp" nor any of the rest of them. And you could probably never name the names of the "royalty collectors" who actually wrote any of them. Whether they be male or female, as the case may be.


The fictional characters and scenarios who populate a particular song are chosen for the occasion.  They have nothing to do with the creators, nor their physical genders.  The actors are placed on the stage as the musical playwrights direct, and they sing their parts as they are told.


In due time, a "song pitching" competition begins, as songwriters seek to convince artists to "play the parts" that they have written for them.

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