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I'm a millennial dad and high school teacher who in his spare time is on a mission to make my pop-culture mark. 

Here, I'm exploring the musical avenue.


When I was an angsty teen, I wrote all sorts of grunge rock songs that got me through some tough times [got to love narcissistic mothers] but they ultimately never saw the light of day. Then, recently, I wanted to make some music for my YouTube channel, and BOOM, I discovered DAW. 


Now, I have been taking all of my old songs and reimagining them through experience and hindsight. It's an incredibly therapeutic hobby that I would love see evolve into my potentially scoring video games one day. Either way, I love my music and want to make it the best that it can be so that those who decide to listen to it can hear it in its best form.


Curious how this site might benefit me, and it's nice to make your acquaintance. 


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Welcome to Songstuff, Greg. 


What DAW did you get? 


We cover lots of aspects of the industry...Critiques, showcasing, discussions, production, marketing and promotion, etc..   You pick the music topic or start your own.

Sounds like you have a goal for your music and that's a good start.  Do you also do video work or just music?



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FL studio mobile is what I've been using.


I have made some simple music videos, but I mostly play games and with my Transformers on my channel.


I'm all over my 8bit icon character, so I thought I might learn how to animate it in the future. My initial intent was to make gaming music, but creativity got the best of me and they are more than just background music. Well, at least to me.


Really interested in what I can learn and share about music!



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Hi and welcome to Songstuff. :)


It’s a journey of exploration, for sure.

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