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Poetry to Music - Shackleton’s Heroic Voyage

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Hi All.

I have been writing poetry/verse for many years and thought it time to put something to music.


Shackleton’s Heroic Voyage


In the vast expanse of icy seas,

A hero sailed, the bold Shackleton, with ease,

His ship, the Endurance, set for a daring quest,

To conquer nature's fury, he was truly blessed.


Through treacherous waters and bitter cold,

His crew stood strong, their spirits never sold,

With hearts afire and unwavering might,

They battled the elements both day and night.


Braving the Antarctic's icy grip,

Shackleton's leadership never took a dip,

Through endless days and endless nights,

He inspired his crew with resolute might.


When the Endurance succumbed to the frozen sea,

Their spirits remained unbroken, wild and free,

With hope as their anchor and courage their guide,

They faced every challenge with unwavering pride.


Across frozen plains and treacherous ice,

The Heroic Voyage demanded sacrifice,

But Shackleton's unwavering determination,

Led them to safety, a triumphant celebration.


Ernest Shackleton, a legend in his own right,

A beacon of courage shining through the night,

His heroic voyage will forever inspire,

A testament to the human spirit that will never tire.


© 2023 Ron Whitcher - Poetron


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Hi Ron / Poetron


Welcome to Songstuff!


I’m glad you could join us :) Good luck with writing your first song!





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Welcome on board Poetron. 

Happy to share with you.

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On 11/13/2023 at 11:37 AM, Poetron said:

Shackleton’s Heroic Voyage


Hi Poetron,


Welcome to Songstuff!  Is this one of your poems that you'd like to put music too?  Do you play or record your music?  We have a collaboration board you might want to start a topic on if you are looking for someone to work with. 




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