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Some Questions about the Forum

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New user here, wondering how active the forum is. It seems there aren't many users online, the ones who are all being guests. 
Is this forum generally frequented by people in a specific timezone, or is it dead? What kind of styles of music are most common here, and what boards are most active? Along with that, what other general music forums are there that I should join alongside this one? 

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Hi Auburn


The boards are quieter, in part because we’ve just gone through a major server move (among other things) that disrupted more or less everything. Point is, activity sometimes comes and goes. I can already see the uptick of traffic lifting as activity is coming back. Hopefully the next few weeks will begin to see it really recover. The more active we all are, the more activity it will breed.


That’s one of the difficult things as a forum admin. Sometimes, our efforts have to go far beyond housekeeping. In order to get to where the community is travelling to, we needed to take our foot off the gas, to make necessary changes. We had to break things, deliberately, to put them back in the way they need to be arranged to move forwards. Staff have been focused on making those changes for a while (and the ton of work involved in that)…  we have been able to move both website and forum servers, at last the staff are just freshly back on community activities. 🙂


With any big disruption activity does temporarily drop off, but it does come back. Over the years we’ve experienced it a few times. So, job done with the move, we’re back to the fun bit.


About 50% of members are in the USA, with about 20% - 25% coming from UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia, and the rest coming from the rest of the world.


There’s not really one genre. Singer-songwriter is common, and there are quite a few country writers, and electronic or rock genres have a fair representation but i would say that most artists tend to come from the alternative genres.


Critique boards can be quite active, and so can the musicians lounge. The music business board and the performance boards can go through phases of activity too.


As mentioned, the more active we can make the boards, the faster they will come back. It’s always been that way when we’ve made big changes before.


Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!





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Ah, thanks for the explanation. I'll stick around for a while, see how it goes. Cheers!

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Welcome @Auburn! :)


Speaking as one of the regular members, I can attest that this place is livelier then it seems on the surface. For example, some members prefer to talk in private, while there are also those who prefer to only focus on their particular areas of interests. Not to mention, there is also the matter of maintaining one's own activity in relation to others.


To put that in perspective, If all a person ever does is create topics that are centered around them, without ever showing the slightest interest in other people and other topics, then chances are that such an individual may not get many responses. After all, Its called a 'community' for a reason.


What I'm trying to say is, the first steps are always the hardest. However, I can tell you from experience, if you take the initiative and give this place a proper chance, you'll find that we have plenty to offer. Much more then you'd expect 👍

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