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The Metaverse: Friend or Foe?

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So I have FINALLY been able to find some time to make a new public topic! rejoice! DID YOU MISS ME?! 😅 Truth be told, I had wanted to cover this topic in my blog a few months ago, though life things keep getting the way. So I figured, hey, lets make this controversial topic into a wider discussion!


Though before we jump right into in it, please allow me to provide you with some references as to what the Metaverse actually 'is', so that even people who are not familiar with this concept, may be able to join us in this discussion.



Here are a few additional links for musicians who are interested in a deeper dive!



THERE! That should be enough information to get this ball rolling  👌 And now to my favorite part: Asking you guys some questions 😄 Don't worry - I am aware that this is a HUGE subject, so I will compose questions which anybody can answer - without having to read too much into it!


My Questions to you:


  1. What do you think about the Metaverse? (do you think is it good or is it bad? please explain!)
  2. Are you going to invest into the Metaverse as a musician? (if so, please explain why. And if not, please explain!)
  3. Considering the Metaverse is NOT open source, do you have any privacy concerns for your online data? (if so, please explain!)
  4. Are there any additional concerns or thoughts you'd like to share?


* Don't worry - You don't have to get into all the links - Watching the video should be 'enough' to join in on the conversation *

P.s: If you guys want me to make more threads of this sort, please leave a 'like' and show me that this place is still alive!

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  • VoiceEx changed the title to The Metaverse: Friend or Foe?

I find it humorous that these tech giants will have to tackle big real world problems affecting humanity in general to really see the vision through 

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So now I see how and why Internet Chat Facebook® re-titled themselves "Meta."


I wish these kids the very best of success.  "I guess I was a kid once ..."


But ... I guess that I never expected, nor certainly required, the commercial marketplace that I wished to conquer, to conform itself to me.  And I still don't.


Likewise, as a consumer: "I bought it because I really liked it."  (And I still have it, on a vinyl or plastic disc, and by the way I still like it.)


"Advertiser?"  Yes!  Thank you for causing our paths to intersect!  But you are a marketer; nothing more.


You simply aren't going to impress me by telling me all the many ways why my customer should be eager to buy my product, especially when I can observe very plainly that they don't. 😟 I guess that I am "just too damned old" by now not to realize that "you have something else to sell me."  And that this really has nothing to do with my potential musical success.   "You aren't the gatekeeper."  You're merely a proprietor.

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