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In another thread I opened discourse on placeholders (lines that don't work for whatever reason). I thought it would be fun to identify these lines in some of the Music we listen to and sing along to everyday.

So what lines do you think they should have trashed?

Do you have an idea of what should be there instead? (a much harder question, because if it is a placeholder chances are there was a team of folks trying to suss a better line)

What say you??

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I have a terrible memory at times, but I do know on hearing or reading lyrics that "that is a terrible line" or thinking that some lines are effectively wasted real estate, but I'm struggling to think of any one in particular.

I would guess that I tend to remember good lines and dismiss bad lines.



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I was reading a book by one of my favourite authors last night! (Douglas Adams) He Talked about 'filler' lines and proposed a song from 'Tjhe Sound of Music' The song is 'Do Re mi Fa So La Ti Do' He thinks, and I have to agree, that the line

"La, a note to follow So" is a filler!

All the other lines fit OK,

Do a deer,

Re, a drop of golden sun etc. But he feels that when 'La' was reached , old Oscar was a bit stumped and never found a reasonable line to fit in there. ^_^

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Rattlesnake shake Written by peter green. This is a huge favourite of mine. The 1st verse terminates with a filler line.

Baby, if you got to rock

I got to be your rockin' horse

Baby, think you'd like to roll

Maybe your diggin' it more

I would've substituted something like the following:

Tumbling 'round on the floor

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Filler lines...filler lines... yeah, they do exist. But hit songs aren't the best place to look for them. That's one reason they are hits. Of the filler lines that have been sited above, I wouldn't consider any of them particularly bad. In fact, I would wager that there are many 'fans' out there that love each of these lines. And remember, it doesn't matter how many people criticize a song, just how many people like (play, sing, buy) it.

We all use filler lines, sometimes when we aren't very inspired, and sometimes to bridge good lines. Every line isn't genius, either in poetry or literature. A few great lines carry a lyric. There aren't a lot of songs where every line is brilliant, or even remotely vital. Context is key. A throw-away line, in the right place and time, can add nicely to the meaning, and sometimes it even takes on a deeper meaning than it would normally.

I love to be able to take a simple generic line and place it where it fits so well that it becomes fresh again, because the pureness of the ideas or feelings override the specific words. I occassionaly do this with cliches as well, though it's easy to overdo either of these, in which case they become a crutch.

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Damn, I thought I'd found one (or two) from a local band i just found out about (May Contain Nuts), but then I realised that they realyl do add to the funniness of the verse...:

'Number one,

i found a brush

It brushes hair

It was a hair brush'

but seeing as it's in a song about the 'five things' that won't give you cancer (or aids or leprosy) I think they get away with it!

Meh, can't think of any others, and am now really annoyed with myself, cause I know there was at least one I noticed within the last two weeks or so... :(


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I found one! In Desolation Town by Terrorvision...

Four walls of stains and names that I don’t know

I’ll call my home for a while

Time took it’s cigarette and broke it’s bones

Bet davey jones didn’t know he was in this song



Bleed It out--LP.....i think the whole song would fit in here......

here we go for the hundred time

hand grenade pins in every line

throw 'em up and something shine

going out of my f*cking mind

filthy mouth, no excuse

find a new place to hand this noose............

the whole song is such disaster......

such was not expected from them.....:(

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