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  1. Sea Of Glass

    this is very beautiful Tim! It is very relaxing and has this very meditative feel to it..I feel drawn into it and get very relaxed. I like the harmonica that comes in sometimes.. I like it a lot
  2. One Minute Song - member challenge

    This is my one minute song. Thinkin on making a full song later but I thought it suited this challenge for now .
  3. One Minute Song - member challenge

    I would like to join:) many cool tracks here already I like this:)
  4. The Next World

    PS: your real name is Laurent right? It would be hugely embarrassing if I have called you Laurent for so many years and is not your name. hahah
  5. The Next World

    Hey Laurent Wow.. this is very cool It is nice to hear a symphonic sound from you It is very cool what you have done with the windinstruments. (cool melodies) yes the reverb might be to overwhelming at times, but then again you do soundscape stuff, so it suits your style a lot It is kinda meditative and is easy to dive into the music and let your thought drift away. This is something I enjoy a lot sometimes I like the percussion and what you have done with the rhytm.. Laurent: you are one of my favorites when it comes to soundscape and dreamy music! You should get your music into movies/games soon
  6. **UPDATED!** Let Something Beautiful Happen

    Hey Ken This is lovely stuff. Quite melancolic which is right up my street. Love the guitar picking: Since this is first draft I shall not say to much.. For me a song is all about melody and emotions and this has such potensial.. I love the melody and lyrics! Great job
  7. Newbie seeking critique (and I can take it!)

    The most important is that you are happy with the song yourself. If you are not 100% happy with it then it is totally ok:) I have trashed so many songs in my life as I did not feel comfortable with my singing, lyrics, mix, melody, bad english (my norwegian shines through sometimes )..There is not all styles that suits me either and it is rarely with heavy heart I put the song aside for awhile. I just start working on new stuff. Allthough to step out from comfortzone is sometimes a good thing. I can tell you that since I joined songstuff I have done many weird things with my voice. (When I think of it is mostly in song-collaboaration with Monostone :D:D) Everything from whispering, singing opera, roaring and laughing like a witch haha. But this is good, because it gives me ideas and I dare more with my own songwriting and vocals Anyway: I just wanna say you have a lovely voice and seems to be a very talented songwriter and I truly hope to see and hear more from you on these forums. Mellow stuff is cool (I do a bit of that myself ).I am curious to hear other stuff from you tbh! Do you have soundcloud? Gry
  8. Newbie seeking critique (and I can take it!)

    heya Morgen Welcome to the forums. The tone in your voice is very calm and warm and I enjoyed listening. The song is beautiful but a little anonymious if that makes sense. I do think some small changes would make this song truly shine Myself I tend to sing "carefully" as I know my own limits regards to my voice. I have lacked confidence to push my own voice since I don't really think I have been good enough as a singer. But I have had people that have believed in me (also from this forum) That do think I can do it if I really want. I think that also go for you Morgen. You sound like a quite good technical singer that have potensial to push your voice a little: I feel you are holding yourself back a little, instead of sing more out:) you have the tone and a nice vibrato and you also do some nice jumps in the tones without sound pitchy at all:) Instead of having another singer, why not try to sing more out and dive into the lyrics and sing like you mean them? Just practise in the beginning and dont think whether it sound good or not Sometimes I add some harmonies on the chorus, because then I dont feel "alone" and I dare to sing more out. hahah This is nitpicking though; i truly enjoyed the song and I like it as it is:) . Song is beautiful!!! Great job!!
  9. Forever Blue

    thank you all!!! I truly appreciate the time and advices you gave on this song! I have a few things I am currently working on atm. @ImKeN Yes, you are right about that Bridge. It might be a little early. I might be I will switch around the verses and the chorus a little: This is thoughts I already have thought about. Good idea about the long tone on "Forever Blue" I shall have a listen to see if it works better. @daryl1968Thank you so much! I shall have that in mind when I creating the next version:) @abysdice Thank you!! I will listen to Rihannas song so I know what you refering too! Hmm need to look up the 8-bit filters as I am dont know what that is I like that you also see where I want with the song. I wanted it to be a little retro and I suppose I could push it even more. Thank you for suggestions!! it is truly appreciated!! @Richard Tracey Thank you so much Richard! yes I am a little back again regards to music. I am playing with different styles/genres these days. So who know what my next style will be It was refreshing to make a song with uptempo beat.
  10. Forever Blue

    Oh my mistake then. Anyway David! I truly appreciate the advices. Will be in good use for future work!
  11. Forever Blue

    Hey David First of all THANK YOU for great advices!! I appreciate your time and also advices on this! Thanks again David!! You are a gem. As we speak I am currently working on the song today.. And I have removed the mastering effects I have added on it and have chosen the default one. I use this mixer called: reMIX 14:2 (with 14 channels) usually I am working with my synth tracks there and I am playing with the EQ there on each track (also panning, other effects on each track). On this song I also used this master effect mix on top (in the main mixer where reMIX is added in), because I felt it sounded even better:D But I shouldn't have done that/ it sort of ruined my initial work I suppose.. So I am currently removing that extra layer on the song (I notice I use bass&drum effect). and I will see if I can do something else with the master mix and be a little bit more critical to my own skills. I am very used to work with the reMIX and the old modules in Reason, in each upgrades there has been added many new tools, and there are many I am not so used to and also have relationship with so I am ending up working with the tools I know from old days. So I guess on this song I experimented with tools I dont know that well.. (and I dont understand half of all the buttons and stuff that is there in Reason, of course I am trying to try out and see what it sounds like) You are right, just because it is there, it's no point using it if is not necessarily. On this song I have worked on it quite a while so I turned a little deaf on it I suppose.. I think I go back to basic and work with the things I am used to for now. Allthough it was good to have a break from the song, because when I listen to it on my stereo in my lounge today, it feels like the song is drowning into the mix . David: I will try your guide you have written up as I am working on it now and will in next days put up a new version, it makes sense to me., Dont worry about whether you think your advices is based on ignorance/experience. I pick experience I always loved you songs and mixes David, that was matters to me <3<3 . I will get back with a new mix soon:) again Thanks!
  12. Forever Blue

    Thanks Dek I will keep in mind of all of this Aww thanks Laurent!! I always appreciate your feedback talk to you soon Thank you so much. I am glad you like it . I will use some time to fix the mix. I have got some great suggestions now. Hopefully I will have done some during the weekent! love your music btw.. PS: I will respons others to you others I have to run to work. I cant wait to read through the rest of the advices I got.. I come back asap
  13. Forever Blue

    Thanks Dek I might PM you regards to the dirty part. Not quite sure if I understand . But I defiently have a look at the mix. I did experiement / Had an final touch with the whole mix at the end by using one of those finished mastering effects (I think I used bass/drum or the "rock" mix). I might have exaggerated something.. I will have another look Hey Hey Simon Thank you so much I have to say I am very happy with vocals this time as I used some effort to make it sound right. Glad you like it.: I had the song on in my lounge with proper speakers and I hear the bass sound is a little weird, it nearly dissapear when other instruments comes in.. I am not sure what I have done with the final mix to tell you the truth. I use this finished Mastering-effects that Reason provides and I chose one I though sounded good that brought the song more depht regards to the bass. But it might be that it was a wrong choice. I will have another look Thank you
  14. Overthinking

    very cool and catchy! . I like the groove in it!! I like the mix you have done on the vocals. The harmonies is awesome I like the lyricsand the cool choices of synth/intruments. Sorry lack of critique. I might come up with something more when I have listen to it a few more times.)