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  1. Hey man, thanks, I'm glad to hear that!
  2. Thank you, Ken, programed drums are always a challenge. Cheers
  3. Thanks so much, so glad you like it! G
  4. Emily, Lovely song! One suggestion: add some distortion to what's going on in the back. It would be a nice contrast to your silky voice. Now everything is silky. Listen to Portishead. Well, it's a matter of taste, I know. Still.. I do love it though Cheers, Geir
  5. The song is good and vocals are good. The strummed acoustic guitar sounds to be DI'd. Maybe add some chorus or tape distortion. Cheers, Geir
  6. Hey good people, Please have a listen and tell me what you think of the song/production/mix. Cheers, Geir
  7. Just what I needed! Yea I see what you mean and will try your suggestions. Thanks a million! The tune is now unavailable 'till the new mix is ready. G
  8. Oh, sorry and thanks!! I changed the title
  9. 1. color each track with a little bit of the same room verb, except kick and bass, leave those dry. 2. left guitar in the intro is too far out and too low. 3. now the solo guitar in my right ear is too far out and too low - overall push back the drums and bring the L/R guitars more upfront 5. vocals are good but maybe too much delay - gets lost sometimes Cheers, Geir
  10. My new tune is a guitar based instrumental. Please have a listen and tell me: 1. is it exciting enough througout the 3.50s or do you fall out? 2. Is it well ballanced - or do you find any sounds/instruments/parts annoying or... just wrong? Your oppinion means alot, wether you are an amateur or pro! Cheers, Geir
  11. Lovely song Alex! Only thing to comment on, as it's just you and your guitar and some backing, is that the dynamics are all over the place. A smart compressor would solve this. Make the quiet parts and the loud parts more even. Cheers, Geir
  12. NICE! Much appreciated! I woke up this morning with this idea – a more active role for the backing vocals: Ho Hum He killed them all (Lee Stark) The youth in town (Lee Stark) This is the tale (so blue) That goes around (my town) A devil's joke (Lee Stark) Such morbid phrase (Lee Stark) A necrologue (so cruel) Support his case (disgrace) Ho Hum (nothing but) Ho Hum ('nother day) Ho Hum (more or less) Ho Hum (Hell to pay) Boy was he traced (Lee Stark) Twelve blood hounds (Lee Stark) Hung by his neck (crick-crack) On evil ground (six down) Ho Hum (nothing but) Ho Hum ('nother day) Ho Hum (more or less) Ho Hum (Hell to pay)
  13. I see what you mean and I need to think about it. It's getting late here.. Thanks Note, it's a tricky song and not so much room for lyrics.
  14. (SCROLL DOWN FOR LATEST VERSION) Here's another dark story for you. Please feel free to throw in alternative words, phrases, corrections and more!! Cheers, Geir Ho Hum GER©2017 He killed them all The teens in our town That's what I've heard What goes around A devil's joke A morbid phrase A necrologue For every case Ho Hum Nothing but Ho Hum Ho Hum So, he was traced By twelve blood hounds Hung by his neck On evil ground Ho Hum On evil ground Ho Hum Ho Hum
  15. Very nice hook! And the answer to my wife "what are you thinking of?" lol