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  1. Grand Oak Tree

    Hey Skin, I'm happy to hear that!
  2. Draft #1 When You're Not Happy

    The melody track is promising. I like it. Not sure if I understand the meaning of "100 of raindrops in your heart". And the construction is a bit unclear, A-B-B-B? -Geir
  3. Alone - Bye: CDOG

    Hey man, I think this it cool. You make me believe your story. Shows talent. Write more! Cheers, Geir
  4. Grand Oak Tree

    Thank you!
  5. Grand Oak Tree

    Not many words but it fills my new song and I'd like to keep it minimal and to the point. Question: "dwell ON or IN the past", it seem to work either way? Cheers, Geir Grand Oak Tree GER(c)2017 I have no plans for tomorrow and I don't dwell on the past I try to live in the moment, life is moving too fast I trust no so-called leaders, I seek no higher ground But I believe in the people and the world turning 'round I've found my spot in the shade, under a Grand Oak Tree It's been there for many years and it will outlive you and me You think you know all the answers and you know right from wrong Too shame you're such a fool, too shame you're in my song I've found my spot in the shade, under a Grand Oak Tree It's been there for many years and it will outlive you and me
  6. The Storm

    Great line! Thanks, John. G
  7. The Storm

    Thanks so much
  8. The Storm

    "Named" might be better.. and how about "so nice", to break it up a bit, in lack of a better word? Thanks Patty
  9. The Storm

    Lots of great lines here, Skin, thanks for your time working on it! G
  10. The Storm

    Love it! Thanks, Phil, I might use it! Yeh, nothing worse than having your mp3s deleted G
  11. You'll Be On My Mind

    Not very good. You seem so obsessed with rhyme words that you forget everything else, like a fresh and unique story that blows your mind and you hardly notis it actually rhymes, now and then, not all the time. Also, google 'clishe' and strive to avoid it the best you can. Cheers, Geir
  12. Lonely Boy

    Hi Tony, Okey I'm guessing it's a blues The blues is NOT about someone's sucsess, it's about misery, broken hearts, low life, slavery, etc. It's hard to believe your story about a 'lonely boy' - making millions - still playing the blues and feeling sorry for himself. It's your first lyrics, so you shouldn't feel bad about it. Read the lyrics of your fav artists and get inspired! Write more! Cheers, Geir
  13. The Storm

    I appreciate your correcting me guys (David/Tom). Thanks Peggy for your suggestions, I think I'll use 'warm' G
  14. The Storm

    We say 'home sweet home', don't we?
  15. The Storm

    So glad you like it, Peggy! thanks I will re-think the meaning of the word 'goof', good it's working either way, though. G