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  1. Thanks Arty and Philjo for your read and comments! I might use 'slam'
  2. Fun reading, Jay. Fresh and unique. For some reason, though, it feels more like an article than song lyrics. Hm, maybe just me. Cheers, Geir
  3. The story seems a bit worn out, I mean I feel I've read these lines so many times before. It also feels quite bitter. Strive to write fresh and unique, maybe bring in some contrasts, negative vs. positive. Cheers, Geir
  4. Here are my lyrics for a slow and dark stoner rock song. Please let me know what you think of it. World Going Wrong GER(c)2017 It's us or them, he spit the words out of his mouth, it will spread like a disease And with the good Lord by our side we'll bring 'em down, down, to their knees So here we are, all over again, man fighting man, man fighting man Ten thousand soldiers out marching the streets, shut your windows, shut your door The taste of blood is like heroin, give me more, give me more, give me more So here we are, all over again, man fighting man, man fighting man World going wrong, world going wrong, raise your flag cause world going wrong World going wrong, world going wrong, raise your flag cause world going wrong
  5. Nice! See edit.
  6. Awesome lyrics man with lots of cool references, I'd love to hear the music for this!! Cheers, Geir
  7. I enjoyed reading this, both the story behind and your lyrics. You write very well. I'm sorry I have nothing to add. Cheers, Geir
  8. Moderator, you may close this post, as I've created a new, "Without You". I kept nothing from this one, not a word. G
  9. Without You GER©2017 V1 You've heard me say this before You think it's nothing new But this time I mean for sure My heart belongs to you V2 Last night I walked for an hour Out in the pouring rain All I could think of was you You're sugar in my veins Chorus I have been laughing I have been crying No more denying The truth is I can't live without you V3 What if we met at La Belle Our little secret place I'll pick you up around 8 Just like in the days Break Remember baby where we used to sit It's in my mind 'till end of time
  10. Critique is gold. The 'dry your eyes' is just me being blind. Thanks though. Yes, I know correct English is 'why DO...' However, I chose to let it out. Something told me it's ok to say it like that. Maybe I'm mistaken? G
  11. I agree. Consider these lyrics dumped. I'll start from scratch (hurts). Ugh.
  12. Philjo, Thanks for being honest. And I guess you're right. Hm... Geir
  13. I'm reading your lyrics with a 3/4 waltz in my head, and that really makes the difference - a serious theme with a cheerful rhythm - a nice contrast! Cheers, Geir
  14. Link to music
  15. Talk Talk Talk GER©2017 V1 I have no feelings for you We hardly know each other You're not my type anyway So why d'you even bother V2 There is no chance in Hell You better cool it, baby It's anything but love It's just you feeling shady Chorus I may have kissed you Sure didn't mean to You only happened to Stand so f*cking close to me V3 I'm 'bout to walk outta here If you don't leave me first You talk talk talk too much You only make it worse Break Oh come on baby dry your eyes I'm pretty sure it's not the end of time