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  1. NICE! Much appreciated! I woke up this morning with this idea – a more active role for the backing vocals: Ho Hum He killed them all (Joe Stark) The youth in town (Joe Stark) This is the tale (so blue) That goes around (my town) A devil's joke (Joe Stark) Such morbid phrase (Joe Stark) A necrologue (so cruel) Support his case (disgrace) Ho Hum (nothing but) Ho Hum ('nother day) Ho Hum (more or less) Ho Hum (Hell to pay) Boy was he traced (Joe Stark) Twelve blood hounds (Joe Stark) Hung by his neck (crick-crack) On evil ground (six down) Ho Hum (nothing but) Ho Hum ('nother day) Ho Hum (more or less) Ho Hum (Hell to pay)
  2. I see what you mean and I need to think about it. It's getting late here.. Thanks Note, it's a tricky song and not so much room for lyrics.
  3. (SCROLL DOWN FOR LATEST VERSION) Here's another dark story for you. Please feel free to throw in alternative words, phrases, corrections and more!! Cheers, Geir Ho Hum GER©2017 He killed them all The teens in our town That's what I've heard What goes around A devil's joke A morbid phrase A necrologue For every case Ho Hum Nothing but Ho Hum Ho Hum So, he was traced By twelve blood hounds Hung by his neck On evil ground Ho Hum On evil ground Ho Hum Ho Hum
  4. Very nice hook! And the answer to my wife "what are you thinking of?" lol
  5. If love is stronger than sex you might get away with it, though, ‘cos love makes blind! The question is, of course, if this is the case here? G
  6. Hey man, nice writing! My only concern is that you're exposing her to more trouble by begging her to be unfaithful with you? Cheers, Geir
  7. I always agree with the last speaker
  8. Thanks Ken, The silent g is now a silent g I'm very glad you enjoyed my little tune! Cheers, G
  9. Hey TC, I agree with you, it feels more like an idea for something bigger.. I appreciate your honesty. G
  10. Oh!! What a bummer!! I'll fix this tomorrow, I just got home from seeing Elvis Costello live Thanks, MP!
  11. Here’s a little weird something for you. Please let me know what you think of it! Cheers, Geir Rat Jazz GER©2017 Blue is the night, she staggers through her crooked town Street lights and laughing heads, they've seen it all, and been there too Hot jazz, from underground, the kind that sticks and burns your skin Hot rats, a million freaks, up from the dead, all hungry as Hell And she knows, it's in the air, the stench of blood from gnashing teeth The first attack, she kicks free, but then some more, and the game is lost Rat jazz, from all around, the kind that sticks and burns like acid And the moon and the stars above, have nothing to add but dead silence
  12. Hey, Emily, I really love everything - but the space synth in the back, it just feels… misplaced? Maybe dirty it up a bit and lower it? Not sure, though. Your strongest card is, without doubt, your vocals!! Cheers, Geir
  13. 1. Don’t sing on top of your guitar riff, or to be more correct, don’t kill your vocals by playing the exact same line. 2. More variations, try to build your song. Now, from start ‘till finish, it’s just (feels like) copy and paste, except for the solo. 3. Your voice is a little weak, be more upfront and aggressive. Cheers, Geir
  14. I'm happy to hear that, thanks again!
  15. Thanks man I'll post the song once it's ready G