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General thoughts and viewpoints amassed being around professional Music and Entertainment [See Profile].

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What is the worst quality of any artist?  By this I mean related to the art itself not interpersonal relationships or bad habits.   It is not lack of intelligence, artists do not need to be intellectuals.   It’s not even being bad.  People who are bad usually know it and try to compensate in other ways.   The worst problem is mediocrity, the gray area between good and bad.  This usually shows first as a lack of taste and discrimination.   The dictionary de

Dynamics In A Band

Dynamics In A Band   There are three primary traits in choosing musicians Skill, Talent, and Imagination.  It is rare to find all three in one person and it not necessary to have all three in one person for success although it certainly can’t hurt.   I only score Medium in Skill, but High in Talent and Imagination.  I am technically not stellar but I can hit the target on emotion.  This means I can sometimes make a piece sound better than a more skilled musician who has less
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