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General thoughts and viewpoints amassed being around professional Music and Entertainment [See Profile].

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Different Worlds

One of the complexities of life is people are similar but different.  Everyone lives at the same time both in the world they perceive and the larger world referred to as reality or a commonly accepted form of what really exists.  Even that is not the final reality.  This is why there is both Religion and Science.  Each claim to be the final arbitrator but it is physically impossible for the finite to conceive the infinite.   Back to the original subject…   My neighbors and I

Good People, Bad People

This is an illustration of Good and Bad people with two different stories.  One involves me, the other involves my wife, Adrienne.  The stories are based upon actual situations.  These are what in literature are referred to as morality stories and are set in a background centered around music.   The first story is mine.  I once played in a band which included two brothers, one played rhythm guitar, the other drums.  The elder was the guitarist.   The guitarist was OK, basical


How did songwriting begin?   Most likely, although no one knows for sure, it was a form of storytelling.  People remembering and recounting events to the beat of a drum.  The drum was the first instrument.  It is still most often MY first instrument when I write because I generally, not always, write based around a Beat.   I posted the beginning of Fever Tree, which was only bass and drums, on a New Music Friday.  I knew what it was going to sound like when finished although

Leadership and Unity

I want to make one thing very clear at the beginning of this post.  I have never been THE leader of a band.  NEVER!  I have owned three businesses, I have never owned a band.   The biggest disappointment of my career was because the leader of the band went to rehab not once, but twice, because of being a drug addict.  This resulted in the band, The Wolves, NOT being signed to Geffen Records and becoming a national tour act with major label backing.   He was the leader because
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