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General thoughts and viewpoints amassed being around professional Music and Entertainment [See Profile].

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Outlaws and Criminals

Do you know the difference between an outlaw and a criminal?  Most people think they are synonymous and interchangeable but they are often different concepts.   Criminals are outlaws in a legal sense but outlaws are not always criminals.  Outlaw is often a cultural or artistic construct more than a legal one.  Criminals break the law, outlaws are outside it.   The word outlaw originated from the term outcast.  This is someone who does not conform to the community and are cast

Helping Others

Everyone usually knows their strengths, but how many recognize their limitations?  How many people go anywhere without helping someone else other than themselves?   I know my limitations because I have a lot of them.  I am not so much a creative person as I am a good problem solver.  This is because I was trained to solve problems in one way or another.  Usually this was either formal university training or being mentored by a professional who knew what they were doing.   I g


Why do people become successful?   Science says only 8% of people achieve their goal according to Inc.com.  However Woody Allen said 80% of success is just showing up.  Putting yourself in the public eye is crucial.   I got a tiny part in a very bad Hollywood movie although I am not an actor.  I did it for self promotion.  A friend told me about an audition for a part which was a musician.  I was tall and thin with hair below my shoulders so I looked the part and got the part

Commercial Music

What makes commercial music successful?   There are four components to having successful commercial music and an act.  These are Melody, Beat, Lyrics, and Performance.   Any of them can be the driving force behind a song.  You have to have a combination of at least two for success.  No matter how good the first three are, a bad Performance will sink the ship unless your goal is to sell the song to someone else.   The Performance is major.  The song will be played f

Chasing The Dream: Coda

Just what you want to be, you will be in the end   This is a line from The Moody Blues song Nights In White Satin.  The song has charted time and time again for the last 50 years by different artists.   This is not about the band or the song.  This is about the inherent truth contained in this line.   You are what you believe yourself to be.  If you believe yourself to be someone you will become that person.  You cannot create talent but you can create opportunity. 

Chasing The Dream: Part Three

THE MUSIC BUSINESS   Professional Music Is A Business.  If you do not wish your Music to involve dealing with money then why would you ever choose this as a career move?   Pablo Picasso was a great artist.  He was also a great businessman.  So was Salvador Dali.  Business and art have lain side by side since the beginning of civilization.   Michelangelo didn't paint the Sistine Chapel because of a burning desire to be creative.  This was a job.   Ludwig vo

Chasing The Dream: Part Two

Goals and Systems   We will assume you have read Part One.  If not, it would probably be a good idea to click on that link and do so.   Now you have completed the first three steps. You have confirmed by other people’s reactions you really do have talent. You realize what you are going to give up in time, money, and aggravation. You know how you can possibly fit in.   Now we are going to move along to Goals and Systems.  Goals are important but i

Chasing The Dream: Part One

What do you want from life?  I knew what I wanted from an early age.  I wanted an adventure!   The first time I ever ran away from home I was six years old.  It wasn’t the last either but I finally made it through high school and left for college.   I grew up in a cow patty of an oil field town in west Texas by the name of Sweetwater.  It was a place where people got drunk on the weekend and got into fistfights for fun.  It did not take me long to realize this was no way to l
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