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Planning an EP and an Album plus Singles


Well a while ago I shelved plans for an album due to life getting in the road... but here I am back again, in the early stages of planning an EP and an album with accompanying singles.


For now I have a provisional timescale, with the plan to release the single in October, followed by an EP in November. Hopefully then I will release singles and an album to follow in April / May. The tracks are mostly written for both EP and album and recording has begun. Tracks are being selected for EP and album as we speak, though at this point the track allocation is quite fluid.


The good thing is that there are loads of tracks to choose from. I have enough written for several albums, and with new tracks being written all the time. I've also re-worked a few older tracks recently, so I may include some of those.


I'm looking forward to this!

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Kudos John. Good luck with it. I am currently in shelved-mode and can only imagine how exciting it will be when/if I am finally out of it. 

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Lol Getting there... now I just need to get a new recording system in place... plans are afoot!

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11 hours ago, zYm said:

Hey, I'm a Jamaican rap artist I was just wondering if you could take a time out to go listen to my first ever EP called East Breeze

heres the link to it: https://m.datpiff.com/tape/778753

it would mean so much to me if you do 


I will go have a listen, though it is a finished EP so I won't be giving much feedback as such, after all it is already finished, done.  Add to that, there is nothing I say will make a difference to your EP now. Plus, no offence, this blog is about my music, not yours. Hell I devote an entire site to talk about everyone else's music! lol  It's not even as though you even commemted on my news about my music... if me listening to your music really meant that much to you, you could at least have demonstrated that my music meant something, anything to you, don't you think? Otherwise your message will come over to others as spam, getting your link on a blog with absolutely no interest in what the thread is about. Still, to that end I will send you a brief comment and then remove your link and comment from this blog post. I want to keep this one little bit of the site about my music. I think that is fair.


If you want to discuss what you are doing to market and promote it, or follow up with future releases, then please start relevant topics on the appropriate boards... that way other members get to contribute and to learn from any discussion too :)

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