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  1. Oh, my! I just now checked back in to look at this interview and see that there are some wonderful responses here! I apologize for not staying in touch. Thank you Rudi! I'm so glad you like the lyrics you have seen. I've written over 100 now and about ¾ of them have been put to music, so I'm just delighted with the way this hobby is working out. It is a lot of fun. To answer your question, I write both Lyrics-first and Music-first. When I write Lyrics-first, I have NO IDEA what the melody will be (I'm not good at that part at all!) So I just try to make sure the lines scan right and hopefully SOUND right for a song, and then I rely on the musician to do the hard part! Most of my Lyrics-first projects are collabs with moptop/Dominick on this site. After all this time, we have still never met in person! But he's great to work with and always seems to come up with just the right music and vocals. Plus he's very good at production. So I am very grateful for this collab. When I write Music--first, the musician I work with the most is Joey McMichael. He sends me compositions and lets me write pretty much whatever I feel like. I relate to his music and it seems very easy to write to, so I give him full credit for that. Hope that answers your question. And thank you so much for your kind words. Thanks, Joel. You're the funny one! 😀 This is definitely a hobby that keeps me happy and involved. No, I wasn't lurking! Sorry, just off somewhere writing more lyrics.....😋 Thanks all, for your encouragement. Patty
  2. Thank you, Pahchisme Plaid and Songstuff, for suggesting this interview. You really surprised me, because I am not an experienced lyricist. But maybe that's the point: that forums like these can help writers at any level. I know the forums have been very helpful to me, and I love the collegiality of the people online. It's a big neighborhood of people with many different talents, but we all want the same thing: to produce a better product. Pahchisme Plaid was wonderful to work with. (If she PM's YOU next, say YES!) Thank you, Patty
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