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    I am a studio drummer and the owner of Drumguy4all.com I provide backing drum tracks for musicians online (using real drums) at a rate of $55.00 a song. You can check out samples of my playing and sign up to win a free drum track for one of your songs at www.drumguy4all.com. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer them.
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  1. I can remember trading a bunch of army men and other toys with a friend of mine for a snare drum he had and playing that thing to every song on the radio and every album I had just exploring all the sounds I could get out of that one drum. I feel drums choose me as I've always been drawn to them and I still get the same feeling playing today as I did when I was a child. I look forward to hearing everyone's story
  2. I've been collaborating with musicians online since 2005 I provide drum tracks (real drums) I use send this file for clients to upload files at my old website and started using high tail for clients to upload files at my new website. I send takes for approval and final tracks with drop box and I have had no problems with any of the file sharing providers I mentioned.
  3. I don't know if you can get programmed music for five dollars Steve and if you can I'm sure it would sound like five dollar music. There is an abundance of online musicians that can provide guitar,bass,drums or any other instrument plus mixing,mastering etc. My point is if you really want to make your music sound the best it can use real musicians and be willing to spend a little money. I don't think you will have to spend thousands of dollars as if you were going into an actuall studio but trying to get your ideas out musically for free through collaboration will most likely result in music that sounds unprofessional. I know there are guitarist that offer tracks and bass online for under $100 a song and I offer drum tracks recorded on real drums for $55.00 a song. I have been providing my service since 2005 and would love to help you if you're interested.
  4. Mine is not from a real band but from the T.V. show Parks and Recreation and the name is Mouse Rat. I just think it's funny and it does stick in your head once you hear it.
  5. I am self taught but I did learn how to read music to help break down complicated drum beats I want to learn. I think it would be in your best interest to take lessons. how long you choose to take lessons is totally up to you and how well you play and also what your goals are with your instrument.
  6. I agree with Ryan, I am also a studio drummer that offers online drum tracks and you just can not program "feel" a non human played drum part sounds just like a non human played drum part. I understand you can adjust velocity and other settings to TRY and emulate the sound of a real drummer but you will never come close. If you buy some pre-made beat then you are bound to that beat and not really starting your song fom an original point. There are many great online drummers that provide quality drum tracks at a reasonable price so my suggestion would be to forgo buying pre-made beats or a drum sequencer and shop around for a real drummer. That is the best choice in my opinion if you want to make your song sound the best it possibly can. http://www.drumsnpercussion.com
  7. I guess you could use programs that write your music if you don't have the ability to. But, what separates a great song from a mediocre one is how it is written. I am a studio drummer and I have worked with alot of musicians over the years. Some of the musicians have sent me songs constructed in band in a box or some other program and I can tell you from experience you can tell the difference between a punched in programmed song and one that is actually written. Just like the programmed drum parts I replace the one common thread is you can't program "feel" so my advice to you is to find some musicians online that you can collaborate with until you learn to play an instrument such as guitar or piano and compose your own music. I disagree that working with an online musician "sucks" i do feel there are some people out there that aren't pleasant to work with but if you hire them you can fire them. The majority of online musicians that provide the services are trying to build bridges not burn them so shop around.
  8. I agree with the comments above, get some good monitor speakers so you can actually "hear" what you are recording and mix accordingly. Without the means to get a good mix the other items you mentioned are irrelevant.
  9. It has been well over 5 years for me, I order sticks and heads online.
  10. The wife and I were at Merlefest several years ago,it's a bluegrass/Americana festival held in the mountains of North Carolina in memory of Doctor Watson's son, anyways we were watching a bluegrass quartet perform when they broke out Superstitious! The band was Old School Freight Train look them up you won't be disappointed. Awesome musicians!
  11. Welcome to the forums drumguy4all :)

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