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  1. Johnny, I bought a new iMac. It's loaded with Garageband Software. I find doing the music is the simplest thing. If you got a problem, you can call Apple to guide you through. Apple team has a great support network that will help you over the phone. And. You can attend an Apple tutorial course in your area for nothing as well. I'm just assuming that you might be at the technical level that I'm at, which is kindergarten. Since I needed a new computer anyway and songwriting is a big part of me, I thought investing in this IMacI already with the Software programed into it was the least expensive way to go as well as the simplest. Of course you have to purchase an Interface to hook up to your computer. I bought what I thought was the least expensive one, which had the best quality for the money. It only has two inputs, but since I'm a lone musician here it works. What is killing me is getting around on the computer. For example like earning how to import data, registering for things etc.. like on Youtube. Filing Mp3s and stuff. I can't organize it and store it to know where to go to access it when I want it. It took me a few days to get the sound I wanted for my song. But it has been over a week trying to coordinate my work what I've materialized. And I still don't know what I'm freaking doing. There are just so many instructions! It's like my brain is jug that full and it don't have the capacity to fit anymore info so i can get to the next step. Anyhow. This video is what i've done with an acoustic guitar, and electric guitar, and the rhythms I had to select to download and adjust to my liking. Oh yeah, some instruments from my keyboard in the intro, and near the end. I didn't include my voice because it ruins the song. At the end of the first song, you can listen too me singing which says it all about my critique on my vocals lol, I'm sure you will agree.
  2. I'll be hoping that as you endeavor to progress it becomes easier and natural for you so it becomes easy, fun, and lucrative all in one package. Good luck! Louie
  3. Tom, if what you said is directed at me. Thanks much for the kind words. Much appreciated! Paul
  4. Before I was nine, I used to listen to pop music for kids. My favorite songs were The Yellow Rose Of Texas, How Much Is That Doggie In The Window, Amen, The Green Barrette, Wipe Out, and Louie Louie I. By age 13, I graduated to Love Her Madly, Bottle Of Wine, a few Creedence Clearwater songs, Sugar Sugar, Yummy Yummy Yummy, I Think I Love You. I've got to say that was the highlight of my musical career. Down in my basement with a home made drum set pretending to really be playing those songs with a few friends who were also pretending on fake instruments. I was always attracted to musical instruments. Always had to try and play everything. But I was most fascinated with the drums. In a previous time, in a different neighborhood, when I was very young, I remember one of my older cousins next door had a set, and invited me to play them. I'll never forgot how he reacted to the first time I attempted to play Wipe Out. His compliment had me believe that I was a great drummer for almost a decade, until I got into the high school band. In between those two times mentioned, I was about 10 years old, I remember where I was, the season it was, what I was doing, and the people I was with, when I heard this song playing on a transistor radio that sounded like no other. But for the life of me, I can not remember what that song was till this very day. hearing that song was out of this world to me, it was like some sort of enlightening experience which nothing ever had given me before. It's insane, that a song that gave me such a sensational experience I can never ever remember again, which I wonder if I ever heard again. Then music, my most favorite thing I sabotaged. It was in sixth grade. I prevented myself and the rest of my class to fall behind in music because of my intentional bad behavior to consistently, every day, disrupt the class. I don't think that we excelled past the second song. I'll never forget it either. My Hat It Has Three Corners. Ashamed to say. I actually made the nun, whom I'll never forget run out of the class in tears. God have mercy on my soul! Then for about three years afterward, I just listened to music. Then I started getting these original melodies that came out of just feelings. I spite of it all, never could make any sense lyrically. Never had the courage to get together with a group. I grew to be very insecure, I lacked confidence. Far cry from the sixth grade monster that I used to be. Probably due to lack of education. At that point in time, I was moved back to the old neighborhood. A neighbor gave my sister a guitar. But. I was the one to pick it up. During this time I used to listen to that cousin from yester years. With my guitar in hand I used to try playing in my room at my house to him heard from down the street. I was always ambitious to go over and try and jam, but never did. The furthest I got was half way across my yard then turned back. We had become kind of like enemies over the years. As a matter of fact. The second sensible song that I ever accomplished was about him and I, (Cousin Ernie) which was about 40 years later. It wasn't only until I decided to write songs for Jesus Christ that I could make songs that made sense. Before that, no matter how I tried, I could not write lyrics that meant anything.
  5. I can see it now > everyone knows somebody has a terrible singing voice > the audience watches as the performer enters the stage and proceeds to open his/her guitar case > then someone yells > "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! HE'S GOT A GUITAR!!" eVERYONE rUNNING>
  6. Over all. it may be beneficial. The medical media claims that a half a beer a day is healthy for a woman, not so much for a man, but healthy for the woman. Additionally, is also helpful and beneficial for nursing mothers. A little red wine is supposed to be beneficial for the man more so less for the women. A couple of sips of brew may be just the primer to start you off correctly, or get you rolling into the necessary groove. I can't put a guarantee on that though. You're in charge. I wouldn't say anything if I didn't think that you had a good enough voice, Mary. With the right sound behind the type of voice that you have, can take it to the top!! All the best! Most of all I hope you enjoy yourself and the audience does too. But you'll never get me up there. There will be a hundred of these in the audience , a thousand of these , two hundred of these a few of these a lot of these , and at least one of these . And. I'll be out a town.
  7. The third post after yours, is Hobo Sage. He has a link at the bottom of his post. In the link is a song of his. I'm thinking that he might have put it there for you to see if you would be interested. Click on the link an check it out. My suggestion was to try out that song. I think that it has a lot of dynamic in it for you.
  8. If you are Andrea Lazaar, I think the song Hobo Sage made would be very fitting for your voice, that is if he is offering. I think that song has a lot of dynamic in it. I think your voice is great, and great for that song.
  9. After reading some of the verses they lead me to a brief sense of deep thought . At some points it lured me to where I thought their meaning might be heading. But following verses sidetracked the lure towards a connection. Those luring verses, I thought were interesting enough to make other songs out of. From my experience with my own creations, I found I had to redo them multiple times by extracting some lyrics out and replacing others which I think are closer to my points in order to give them the overall meaning that is intended. I think the song has too many needless verses that don't quite emphasize enough about the ones that I think are the substantially meaningful ones that moved me towards where I thought the song was going. But that is just my opinion. There are plenty of songs out there that are a lot worse, and they make millions.
  10. Welcome to the forums louielouwhy :)

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