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  1. Cayetana and Gladie Two bands fronted by Augusta Koch. I bought this blu ray cheap, and thought it was going to suck. I mean look at that cover. The girl in the front is cute. I wear reading glasses and didn't notice the "wrestling" motif. When I put it in the player and I saw a wrestling menu I thought "Ten minutes and this is going off". From the opening scene I knew I was WRONG. Best movie I've seen in years. I've watched it at least 20 times now. From the first, there's a song when Pugh is getting on the place that's EXCELLENT. It took 19 times before I decided to look up who did the song. It's - Certain for Miles FWMF version The only reason they never hit it big has to be poor management. Great songs, great albums. Gladie, Koch's current band also has great songs. If you like pop/punk give these bands a good listen. They don't have any clunker songs. https://cayetana.bandcamp.com/music https://gladie.bandcamp.com/
  2. I do it for fun. I try my best, sometimes I succeed, many times I don't. I can usually listen to the songs for a while. Then they disappear, and years later when I hear them again, I say "good" or "what the hell was I thinking?"
  3. My favorite place to buy blu-rays was half.com, a subsidiary of ebay. Prices started at .75 with s/h for the first item at $3 and each additional title from the same seller $1.79. So, you could pay as little as 2.55 for a blu-ray or CD. Due to the fact the site was great for buyers, ebay decided to close it. So what’s this have to do with this thread? I wanted to have complete collections of Joplin, Hendrix, Dylan’s early work, and the Carpenters. Half.com closed 8/31/2017 and I’m now only missing a few of the above artists. The Carpenters are actually the hardest to find cheap. I know Dylan is an ICON. But, until you’ve put on his early work and listened to all the songs, I don’t think you can have a true appreciation for just how magnificent he is. Brilliant album after album after album. I was only missing Hendrix’s first album and WOW. He just wasn’t human. To think those sounds were made in the 60s is incomprehensible. (Did anyone know he was an excellent artist also? They had drawings he did on display at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He was the total package). Karen Carpenter IMO has the single most beautiful voice ever. I could listen to her sing the phone book. But, Richard was just as important as he arranged all their music. I was fortunate to see him in a rare concert at Foxwoods in CT years ago. (got his autograph also). But, I do have a few newbies I’ve been listening to – Melanie Martinez. Weird and great. Her live show was AWFUL. Sia – I know she’s a pop star. But, she’s put out two great albums in a row. Not a clunker on either release. The complete Edith Piaf. Don’t understand a word she’s singing. But, what a voice.
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