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  1. I have been using bandlab software for song writing. since 2017. It's hours of work, constructing an.originsl backing track, and one of their updates broke my smartphone on the day of my appointment with the long COVID rehabilitation service,so I gave Suno a look. It's simplified the process of song writing, but what I would like to know, is how did the A1 algorithm be get the information to generate songs? Have they stolen songs from song writers? There a re glitches that need to be fixed, but in the long-term future, I predict that this will simplify the process of song writing.
  2. I had a look at the software applications. Udio doesn't work properly yet. Suno simplifies the process of song writing, but there's a risk that the instrumental could sound too similar to other artists music. I'm quite excited to see the direction this goes and learn about it, but I have concerns about copyright, and how similar the tracks may turn out to other artists songs
  3. People have been saying that the music industry is finished since tape recorders replaced vinyl, and streaming replaced CDs and vinyl. I've had a look at elevenlabs, but not the others yet. It's scary. I'm still learning about A1. What I do know, is that if you create music with A1, you can't claim copyright ownership of the composition.
  4. A YouTube channel is essential to be considered for chart placement on radio stations, but it was sharing my music on Instagram that got me signed to a record label. I didn't apply or attend a face to face audition. They reached out to me after I posted my music video.
  5. Before uploading videos to tiktok, doa copyright scan. If your music passed, this will stop your videos from being muted.In the future, Google assistant is going to be capable of scanning music for copyrighted material.
  6. My answer is, 'yes.' I'm signed to the same record label as Missy Elliott and Robin Thicke. I have had a number 1 single on the UK Talk Radio station chart hits on MTV USA, and am currently number 23 on a major American network. However, it's happened later in life than I would have liked but I put this down to not studying song writing until I was 49, and learning that the first step in success is writing a catchy song that stands out from the crowd.
  7. When lockdown ended, I contacted Sugatisound Recording Studio's and asked them to remix and master my new song. They said that the timing of tracks was slightly out of sync. They corrected this and re-wrote the bass line, and added a guitar to the mix. Songs released during lockdown wasn't perfect, but still got radio airplay and chart placement.
  8. Thanks for your advice about Spotify promotion. My single, Sing got to number 1 on the UK Talk Radio station charts for three weeks in October last year. This lead to being signed to a VIP Recording Services Record label on June 7th. They have distributed music for Missy Elliott and Robin Thicke. I released my single Patience on July 8th. Paying the UK Talk Radio station via www.fiverr.com for radio airplay has helped me to achieve a lifetime ambition to get signed to a record label. Their prices are not cheap, so message them first with a link to your music to find out if they think it's radio read
  9. I created a Facebook page, and shared videos, and links, and boosted the posts. I've shared posts on music related pages, such as Billboard A&R, and shared videos on Twitter. The most effective methods, is paying freelancers on fiverr to promote my lyrics videos, and paying the UK Talk Radio Station to play my music. I avoid paying anyone to boost my Spotify links, because if it turns out to be bots, my releases will get taken down. Always read customer reviews before making a purchase! There are some scammers on there There are also a lot of absolutely brilliant sellers on there, who have helped me to get my music discovered.
  10. I pay freelancers on divert to create lyrics videos. Here's the link.
  11. During lockdown I had no choice but to learn how to mix and master my own songs, otherwise I wasn't going to be able to continue releasing new songs.
  12. No. I pay freelancers and radio pluggers to do this for me.
  13. 2021 has been a mixture of good and bad events for me. I achieved a lifetime goal when my single, Sing got to number 1 on the UK Talk Radio station charts. My single, Ever Since the Day got to number 2. In These Times got to number 2. Then I caught the Omicron variant of COVID. Luckily, my booster jab was done the day before symptoms started. I have made a full recovery.
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