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  1. Thank you so much Kristiana.  You critique is much appreciated ... I was hoping to get some feed back and you have been most generous.  The need for the personality, you speak of, in the repeated line "that Christmas brings each year" caught my attention.   In fact I have subtitled this song "What Christmas brings each year."  As far as I understand your point - I guess it would be up to the singer to do this.. i.e inject some personality into this line.  But I have often wondered does this line leave the listener with a message that is obvious and  predictable. Would making it more personable be more effective such as "Christmas, my time of year".   any ideas???

    1. Kristiana Azariah

      You're very welcome, Alfred.  It would be up to the vocalist to infuse some personality into that line.  In answer to your question, "Is it obvious and predictable"? Well...yes...but I think that ought to be what you're going for for memory purposes.  Listeners like to sing along with Christmas songs, especially nostalgic ones, and if you create a hook line that's repeated and easy to anticipate and remember, it will make that easier for them and with this type of song, you DO want them to want to sing along.  I would save the more personable and effective for another type of song and make THIS ONE fun and easy to sing along with.  Those are my thoughts on it. ;)

    2. Alfred Sherer

      Thanks Kristiana... considered it done. I'm already working on a more personable Christmas song... called Christmas Day.  I'll keep you posted.  Al

    3. Kristiana Azariah

      Awesome!  I look forward to hearing/seeing it!

  2. I can't seem to figure out how to post a song for critique.

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    2. Kristiana Azariah

      Thank you, TN.  I'll try again, but I did that before and it brought up a menu, but it wouldn't let me select anything.

    3. Lisa Gates

      Hi! You have to have 10 posts before you can post a lyric for critique. It's in the rules...I see you may have hit the mark since you tried. so maybe do one more critique or post on the boards somewhere and then you should be good to go for lyric critique! can't wait to see what you've got.

      nice to see you! 😉



    4. Kristiana Azariah

      Thanks Lisa!  I'll try that!

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