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  1. https://soundcloud.com/rc-james-user841120068/feels-like-rain-john-hiatt?si=5c148ab6c0b040f788a96864cdb3e900&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
  2. Looking back on mistakesand failed detours,there was that momentwhen it all turned timeless.Rhapsody in soft flesh,that one moment,two of us streaming joyin morning light.In the car,full moon driving us,we sharedeach other’s silencein volumesprinted on the landscapewe claimed as ours.We were the only beingsin the world, a burst of welcometo everything inside us,new-found wisdomin our bones,exuberance and delightin each other’s eyes;the end of longing,the blossoming into each otherabove yearning.Now, too restless for a return,a summonsto the impossible embraceflies by unheeded.
  3. Drawn to a perfect silhouette effusive behind winsome veils, undeterred by dry etiquette, when the mystery source fails, the svelte lady may well outlive all rewards suitors might give. But a mind full seasoned and fine that delivers fresh thoughts pure, and fuses hearts free from the vine, is to any relentless pursuit inured. Intellect shows steady resistance to shows of dogged persistence.
  4. I'm confused on this one - not sure if it's about an old girlfriend or a military buddy - or both. In either case, I suggest opening the poem with the 4th stanza.
  5. This, unfortunately, makes little sense to me. Could be - They obligate me with their woebegone long term melanchology.
  6. Lovely, sweet hearted vocal and good guitar accompaniment.
  7. Good job - you went more country on this than the original and it does work well.
  8. Keepin' the spirit alive my friend, a very good thing to pass this one on to generations that follow. The horror fades in the minds of the politicians but we're still strong, a development maybe even better than bunching ourselves together - go after them from all sides. Good job.
  9. A rock version - very tasty.
  10. A touch of New Orleans jazz and some classical touches. Good energy.
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