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  1. Been around...been focusing on other aspects of my life, and trying to figure out this school thing.

  2. hey hey BBG, where ya been?

  3. Songs, as auralscapes said, starts with an idea and goes from there. It's also easier if you have a melody in mind. There are other helpful posts in our creativity forums.

  4. One thing I hate is the posts being at the top for the cables. I don't have a set up except for my amp and guitar...and guitar, but at church we do, and to me it seems that over time the force of the cable pretty much pulling on its self wears it out...I think they would benefit to put the jacks on the side verses the top.
  5. Wow lol. It sounded more like piano playing than guitar lol.
  6. I never gigged but if I did and this happened I'd likely try to make up new words but in reality I'd probably go uuuuhhhhh what were those words again? Lol
  7. BigBluesGuy

    My Gear

  8. There isn't. The pedal will likely run off a 9 volt battery with the option to hook up an adapter to the pedal I think for extra power. The pedal won't work with power adapter alone.
  9. That I did! I want to change the last line in that verse though to something stronger though. Thanks for letting me know!

  10. Verse 1 - I assume you mean 'duel' as opposed to 'dual'. And 'shimmering' as opposed to 'simmering'. Light shimmers, heat simmers!

  11. So I was playing Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple on my Fender Squier Bullet Strat. I noticed that I'd get resonant string vibration in my A string coming from the D string. (The D string was vibration so much so that some of the excess energy passed onto the A string. Now, I wasn't using the A string so what I did to stop this was place my finger literally in between the two strings...with enough of my finger holding down the string enough to play without muting but having enough finger to mute the A string. Just figured I'd post this in case anyone else had a similar issue...
  12. Oh. What's the point in filing then with the copyright office?
  13. I have been curious. Nit entirely sure where else to post this too. I've noticed that people here post the copyright watermark and everything however, does that TRULY make it copyrighted? I mean without actually filing it with the copyright office (which costs about 35 USD to file), couldn't it be a little hard prosecuting someone who has copied such work, despite having that watermark but not yet filed with the copyright office?
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