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  1. Great article! Thanks for posting it. Now I want to read the book. Donna
  2. Hi Alicatt, It's hard to say whether I feel most inspired to write in a particular season, but on a personal level my favourite season is autumn. I was born in October, so maybe that plays a role. 😉 I love the colours and the changes, and the feeling of preparing to go into a kind of hibernation, introspection. Many of my lyrics are reflective in nature, so perhaps they've emanated from that state of hibernation, so to speak. Donna
  3. It sure has. The most wonderful music, and I'm not even a musician! I always think I'll remember the melody in the morning, but of course I never do. )-: Often, though, in those fleeting moments between coming out of sleep and actually waking up, lines will pop into my mind that I use later in a lyric. Or in the transition from being awake to falling asleep, a sudden line or two will jolt me into wakefulness, and of course after I've written them down I can't get back to sleep. So I keep working on the lyric.
  4. It's wonderful when things fall into place. And good for you as well, making a move and a brand new start. I'd recommend that at some point you get in touch with Marc-Alan Barnette. He's a treasure trove of information, and has been living, working, and writing/playing in Nashville for years. Decades, I think. He's also highly entertaining. https://www.marcalanbarnette.com/home Well, if I ever get over that way, I'll be sure to give you fair warning. Would be fun to meet up. In fact, as I'm a TAXI member, I've occasionally toyed with the idea of going to one of their annual Rallies. They're said to be fantastic. Hasn't panned out though so far. Delft is a long way from Nashville.
  5. Good for you, Lisa! 0nce upon a time I daydreamed vaguely about at least visiting there for a wee while. However... It's not likely to come to fruition. Goals change over the years, especially when one is non-instrument-playing lyricist.
  6. Lovely to see you again, @Vagdavercustis. And good for you, making a brand new start with a brand new love and in a brand new place. That takes a lot of of courage. You'll be a wonderful mother. I've been AWOL for some time also. Needed to take a sabbatical and re-group. Finding peace is definitely the answer.
  7. Thank you, Tom. And a big thanks to folks here who voted. Apparently the total of votes was a record number. I'm thrilled for Billy, because no one deserves a win more than he does. Not only a consummate composer/arranger/musician, he's also an overall very nice person. We've collaborated on a number of songs over the past 5-6 years. So…Fingers crossed for tomorrow, when the judges select the category winner. Donna
  8. Thanks, Tom. I've just realised that if folks have multiple devices, they can actually cast a vote on each one of them every day. This might up the vote count. Donna
  9. McNaughton Park, Mike, and Lisa, thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it a lot. I know it's a lot to ask folks to cast a vote each day, but… fantastic when it happens. Interesting that of the five instrumentals, two each are from the same person(s). So it will be an exciting race to the finish. Donna
  10. Thanks for the vote, Tom, and for posting the plea on the FB page. I'd love to see 'A Near-Life Experience' get a few more votes. Must say, it's a real bonus that it's so easy to vote: No need even to register on the site. Just tick the box. Donna
  11. Was thrilled to learn just now that my collaborator Billy Playle and I have two tracks in the Finalists list in the 2014 International SongDoor competition - Instrumentals section. I'd be grateful if you'd case a vote EACH DAY for 'A Near-Life Experience' (if you like it, of course. ) The track is now running second. I hope we can pull it into first place and keep it there on the 20th. http://songdoor.com/uvote-instrument.html UPDATE JAN 13: And if you have multiple devices, you can cast a vote on each one of them every day. This might up the vote count. The final Winner will be selected by the contest judges, but the winner of the popular votes will get an extra bonus. Thanks! Donna PS: If anyone's interested in hearing the song version, it's here. It was a finalist in an international songwriting competition a couple of years ago. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=9991229
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