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    Just me, what I do and where I'm at...
  2. ... and the Mac/PC debate goes on! In regards to Shane's query, there are many methods of recording ideas whether purely to record so that a spontaneous idea is not forgotten or to create a demo or final production of your music. Mobile phones offer apps that allow multi-track recording - although this won't be of a very good quality it's a quick way of capturing an idea wherever you are (as is a Dictaphone) - even if you splash out on sequencing software, quality mics etc, you won't necessarily sit down and be flooded with creative ideas so hold on to all the lyrics, melodies and chord chops you've come up with (even if you've woken up the next day thinking it's rubbish) and it will surprise you how these can help tie up songs you're working on. Stu
  3. Alright, thought I'd add you seeing as you're a fellow Scot and all that :)

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