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Gig Prices

ticket prices  

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  1. 1. do you think current concert ticket prices are value for money?

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    • no
    • don't care
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i don't mind paying up to £50 but above that seems to me to be too much i know there is a lot of cost in big shows but i tend to think there are too many people charging for non gig related stuff like all blue m an ms and stupid demands of some artists but again i have the ability to say no i don't think i will pay that besides i tend to go to local places to see local bands

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idk about the prices at your place..!!

but if i talk about india..!!

1) big bands dont come here..coz people are not into western music much..!!

2) those who comes costs too much..!! E.G. Iron maiden is coming in Jan...the tickets will be around 2500 bucks..thats minimum..!! WTF..!!

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The best concerts I've ever been to were all $10-$15. The really expensive ones over where I live are usually in overcrowded venues with shitty sound quality, they only cost so much because the bands are popular. Fortunately for me, most of the bands I really like are pretty underground. I would shell out to see, say, Beirut or Arcade Fire, but they're elitist bastards who have never come near enough.

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It's a funny old game.

A few days back, had I been in New York, I could have gone to hear Messaien's Turangalila Symphony - something I have long wished for - at a price between $10 and $25.

That is more than decent, I reckon - and well within reach of the curious explorer.

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Most bands I have seen have been good value for money, the only ones that weren't were Foo Fighters in Hyde Park and Ocean Colour Scene in Birmingham Hard Rock Cafe

Foos: OK, I paid the extra £10 to get into the 'Golden Circle' at the front (special front areas are the worst ideas EVER for gigs...) so I was fine, but I had friends who weren't in their and they said the sound was atrocious and the only reiason it was any good was cause the crowd were having fun anyway... Up at the front the crowd was having less fun, but had better sound - like I say, golden circles are bollox!

OCS: This was partly my fault, as I didn't realise free food was involved, but at £25 a ticket the venue was rubbish - there's a HUGE concrete pillar in the middle of the audience, so the standing space is severely limited if you wanna actually see the band...

Oooh, actually, I just remebered it might have been a charity gig.... All forgiven?! (Except the audience, who didn't cheer for an encore, and then acted all surprised and put out when we didn't get one... FAIL!)

Generally speaking though, if the ticket is under £20 it'll be a bargain, unless the band a rubbish, in which case £5 would be a rip off... If it's a big gig, like Hyde Park or Wembeley I would pay up to £60, depending on the band...

I have been surprised at the cheapness of a number of bands recently, and am sometimes dissappointed at the price differences that big bands can get away with - going to many bands at the same venue highlights this a lot, I have paid £22 for OCS at Bristol Academy, which would have been worth it if the venue wasn't a failure on friday nights - who the hell has a 9:45 curfew?!?!? But then again I have paid a mere £12 for Presidents of the USA, who were worth at least £30 for that gig!

Ahem. Enough babbling from me... :)

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