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Releasing Too Much Material?

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How much music is too much?

Is it a bad idea to release music to often when you're trying to build a fanbase? IMO, if you have a fan base built up, it's awesome.

But if I release an EP or something every few months, is that too much?

I'm very aware of the fact that actual physical sales are kinda dwindling, and that new, easily accessible material is the way of the future...but how often should one release material? I'm subscribed to many filmakers on youtube, and they release a new video (usually a short) every 3 months or so...

I'd like to adopt this approach but feel like I may be flooding my channel with too much material...so what do you guys think. I have more than enough material to make this happen, I'm just wondering if I should...

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I don't think you can release too much music. Lol.

Releasing an EP every few months isn't bad. Personally if I could record music that frequently without getting bored, I'd do it.

If you're trying to build up a fanbase, I'd say put a good amount of your songs up online. About 10 at the max is good, or more if you want. That way, your potential fans will have something to listen to when they check you out. It'll help them decide if they like you or not.

Build up fans on the main social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. There are different approaches for using each site, but once you know the different approaches, they come in very handy.

Once your fanbase seems like it's starting to grow, release a string of SINGLES before you release your EP or album. It's a strategy to build up hype for your big release. For example, I'm recording an album that's set for release sometime in Feb. Right now I'm in the process of "building up hype" by releasing singles, and doing other things. Building up enough hype will end up growing your fan base too because more people will want to know what all the commotion is about.

So in short, no, having a lot of music isn't bad, but save some of your songs for that potential fanbase.

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I would say if you are releasing an EP every few months, then you are probably releasing them wrongly.

I get you want to keep giving your fans something on a regular basis. I would suggest doing acoustic versions and other live videos in order to engage your fans. Also interviews on video can be a great idea.

Are you charging for your EPs or are they free?

Why not pull together an album? Do you rellease singles too?

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I agree that you cannot release to much material, however the material you do release needs to be aimed at a particular market. You should not just release something just to release it that is counter productive when it comes to selling you music. If you goal is to sell you music then you should be very selective about what you release and who you release it to. Since everything you release is a reflection on your business you have to be aware that if you release a garbage song then that could reflect back on your business and shut you down.

People will tell more people about your bad song than they ever will about a great song. So you have to make sure what ever you put out is great. Also you have to make sure you don't put stuff out so quickly that you don't give the prior release a chance to gain you some momentum in your target market. So with that said just make sure what ever you release does not hender what you plan on doing in the market place!!

Tyjon Hunter

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