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I'm not used to introducing myself, having always been somewhat of a "back out of the way" type of person....but I'm following the rules...introducing myself.


I'm Joe, from the U.S.  I am almost older than dirt chronologically, but more about 35-40 mentally and attitude wise.  I feel young, and live young, therefore I are young...the wrinkles and creases are simply natures way of scolding me for years of hard living.  I write lyrics, and love every minute of it.  Almost always there is a song title or idea doing the dance in the ballroom that is my brain.  In reality, as some would attest, there is little else there !  We all have opinions, don't we?


At any rate, as I said, I write lyrics.  For years, long ago, I wrote poetry.  Lots of it.  Lots and lots of it, in fact.  I had this thing about sharing it with others.  I didn't, and didn't want to.  In time, I had a computer full of poetry files, and guess what....it puked, and I lost it all.  Ironically, the interest never came again...it was like a door closed in my head.


Fast forward just a few years.....I came to realize just how much I love music, how much I feel I can feel it, how much it moves me....how I can really lose myself in it.  A whole variety of music, in fact, but particularly country music.....my all time Miller-mover. I assume you can project what happened eventually.  Words started to invade the ballroom that is my head, and 'voila, I started to feel that I should use my proven written communication skills and passion and put them to work.  So I did.  I started to write lyrics.


Lyrics writing was, for a short time, frustrating for me because I am absolutely musically disadvantaged....to the point of being almost a neanderthal.  I can sing, barely (bath/shower and alone in the car singing is awesome!).  The only instruments I play is a very lousey air guitar, and an equally terrible set of air drums.  And yet.....music really, really moves me....as in really.  I can feel it. 


It took a while for me to realize that it is just plain fine to be wired like I am.  Once I crossed that hurdle, I started to be quite proud and satisfied with the lyrics I write.  I am comfortable with them, and myself.  So since that realization struck, I have been fully free to just let the words pour out and do their thing on the paper they land on and in the minds of those who read them, and eventually, if it is to be, out of the mouths of those who may sing them.


I am not writing lyrics to attempt to achieve a number 1 hit, or even a number 100 hit.  Nor am I writing them in hopes that some of the huge names in the industry may eventually sing them.  Would any of that be nice?  Of course it would, and I would enjoy that.  But what really brings on the body odor is the thought that perhaps someone, somewhere, may eventually put a melody to my words and out of that combination of words and tune a song is birthed that folks will enjoy listening to in some medium.


Which brings me to the last point on John's neat little "introduce yourself" guide....what would I like to get out of Songstuff?  Just exactly what I have already found in the very short time I have belonged....a really neat comradrie of folks all facing the same issues, desires, needs, with the same questions...and all willing to help out the other guy while being nice about it.  Wow, it just doesn't get better than that.


Joe Miller

United States


FunnyCideMusic http://funnycidemusic-com.webs.com/


PS:  If you are curious as to the name of my music thing and site, it is all explained on the home page!!



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Hi Joe, welcome to Songstuff! :) It's good to meet you. Thanks again for the nice words on your blog. If you haven't already, perhaps you might be interested / willing to write a short testimonial about Songstuff? We use testimonials to show to visitors so that they can get a perspective on what members think of the site before they join:




No pressure, if you would prefer not to leave a testimonial that's perfectly okay :)


Either way I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to make requests for new features / content / articles etc. I would encourage everyone to do so as we want to provide information that members find interesting and meaningful, something they can truly use.


Good to have you aboard.



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