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Where Is The Love ?

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He's so bad he'll eta the last food you had


but dont get mad , cuz i feed off rage , like my pen feinds for the page

living in this day and age , to get to the club, gotta slap 10 teens in face

i jus walk up with that ak , and spray like it's fkin d-day

better pray i dont bleed , or that i black out , and i dont see

cuz adrenaline spreads like desease , starts at the feet and moves to the knees

next thing i know i killed three , human beings , ima beast and just been unleashed

from the preasure of the police , and gunnning for my victim , so i can hit him

grap my knife rip him , just to warm up for the rythm , so i must kill him

i commit crimes , flip dimes, cut ties and tell lies cuz i despise the human race  (WHYYY?)

cuz we live a concious , tries to hold back from our so call nonsense but i gotta sixth sense

thats ready to dispense anger in every direction and spread the intense infection of doom and doubt

so foget the mess you once knew about , pick up and gun and figure something out , cuz the world as come to its end , its already over , so me and my glock stay best freinds











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Diss me I diss back , I piss stacks , and tax the mutherfker that tries to impact my raps talking crap. Grab my pen and go full attack , step back with yur rymes that are wack. Infact they're garbage , rip you open and leave yu starving , for revenge wot the need to avange the fallen soldier cuz after yu im goin for all the others so go back home and hide under the covers , be a come back and hover kill yu n fk yur lover so peace before I release the noise of my toys ak 47 , its the big bad boys !

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