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Hi From Virginia (For Now)

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I just found this site - I don't really write songs - I am a free form guitar player who occasionally

finds a lucky collection of notes to jam with...I recently found myself with a program (sonar 7) to mess around with

and there's where my jams are created....I have posted a couple on 'strat-talk' and sound cloud but no one seems

to care about what I am doing -- maybe with good reason, I don't know because there is no feedback at all.


I don't mind genuine critique and getting flamed by bad stuff -- Most of us know not to judge ourselves

I have been told how good I sounded on to me was a bad day, and thought I was smoking and nobody cared.....

And no, I don't need to keep my day job, I am retired


So I am turning to you, who know how to write and record with more skill than me, even though I am a bit of an old fart

I like to experiment, try new things and explore new ways of finding sounds - I started playing drums, then bass and

then guitar since I was a kid.....I never really wrote the tunes or lyrics, I was just happy to play leads or what was needed

to fill out what was happening....


I am originally from San Francisco -- that is also my musical background -- the heyday of the Haight -- that style has

influenced me most all my life....I'm not claiming to be a great player or skilled in technique. I just play what I feel at

the moment it is happening.


For the last 3 years I have been playing in my church praise team - not much room to go crazy there so I have to do it

in my virtual studio.....I'd like to post or link a couple of thing here if that's alright with you.....

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Hi El D, welcome to Songstuff. I think you are going to fit in around here for sure. There are lots of writers to collaborate with or just learn from. Tom has hit the nail on the head with his guidance but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


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Thanks for the welcome - I appreciate it.....one experiment posted but no takers yet......

I don't compose songs I guess - sometimes I'm not sure if it is really music but more of a 

sound 'painting' and other times just a simple thing to strech out with on my guitar.....


I'm not trying to get published or make money though I wouldn't complain if it happened.




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  • 2 weeks later...

I am bidding you all farewell......it seems we are worlds apart in musical tastes......not much into la la tunes and folky things -- my music is liked by most

people who hear it before I bring it out to the internet.....and with so few responses we are just waisting each other's time


I have always played experimental music/jams and worked with people who understand and contribute amazing things.....

Take no offense, keep playing and writing, but I am out the door!!!!



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