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What's up! I'm Thunder Dash! That's my artist name. I've been a musician for 16 years now and am approaching my 7th year as a composer, arranger and remixer. I am approaching my second year as an audio engineer. My 


My biggest project up to date is my 3-movement symphony. 


Probably one of my biggest specialties is fusing genres. 


Some of my music related talents are


1. Perfect Pitch

2. Semi-Perfect beats

3. Seeing colors while hearing a specific key (Example: I see orange when I hear the key of B Major)


I'm also a theory buff, so if you have any questions, you can just send me a PM or leave a comment on my wall. 


Hope to make a nice home here!

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Hi there Thunder Dash,


I know one or two who have perfect pitch. That's pretty cool. And seeing colors when hearing a specific pitch, I've heard of this from David Lucas Burge who has an audiobook related to learning perfect pitch. Very interesting.


Welcome to Songstuff.



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Hi. Your name sounds like a pokemon move. :) Is seeing colors a talent, haha? Jokes. That's really interesting. Do you see a different color for B minor? My guess is dark orange. A vermilion.


There's actually a true name for the talent: Synthesia. I actually see a darker orange with a tiny bit of green in it. For F major, I see bright sun yellow, but for f minor, I see more of a indigo-blue. It gets kinda complicated so...

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