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Everybody Lies

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Everybody lies

Everybody got their own lord of the flies

Secrets and lies

People aint never really wise

When people used to tell me shit I never thought otherwise

I thought niggas was real and didn’t tell no lies

I trusted those niggas to keep my faith

All they did was tear it away

Turned me around made me run the other way

Now I think in a new way

The real way

Life ain’t always about the sun’s ray

Sometimes you gotta live with the rain


Cuz everybody lies

Everybody got they own way

Everybody thinks they wise

And f*ck a nigga thinkin otherwise


They had a young boys life to mold

I should thank them for the man I can now behold

In years I am young but in experience I grow old

This is life so grab your hunny and bring her in close

But if too much trust start

Watch for the knife she will slip in your heart


Cuz everybody lies

Everybody got they own way

Everybody think they wise

And f*ck a nigga thinkin otherwise


They say you don’t really know what you got till it’s gone

Well now I know and i’m about to kick its ass back to day one

I dont give a f*ck what they really want

I know what they deserve and I wanna be the one who serves

Cuz revenge is a dish best served cold

And i’m running back on them niggas like batman the brave and the bold

If you tryna stop me you might as well fold

Cuz God knows this nigga won’t stop to the day he grow old

And if these bitches, these snitches, these f*ckin itches under my skin dont stop talking and causin me to sin then ima have to shut they asses up to the count of ten then bury them niggas 6 feet in


Cuz everybody lies

Everybody think they the nigga with the clear blue eyes

They say death to a nigga that states on the other side

They manipulate then smile wide

These niggas days is ova

Cuz ima tear their raw hide

So violently a nigga gon stand there wide eyed

Look through the white soulless eyes

Welcome yo muthaf*ckin demise

Let me see the evil flee your eyes

Your fall brings about my rise

One door closes another opens wide

So come and get it there’s no point in tryna hide

Pick a side


Or die

Looking for feedback on these lyrics. What do you guys think? Spent a bit of time on this one and it has personal relevance.

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