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One thing seems apparent about the linnstrument.  As far as learning the thing as a musical instrument, there is nothing on the web.  Sure there are plenty of vids about cool technology tricks but nothing about educating yourself for it. 


While I wait for the real deal to arrive I've been working out scales and chords on a printout of the surface. Coming up with various ideas.  Once I get more aquainted I'll start posting my lessons here 

Why here when I'm the only linnstrumentalist?  It could attract more viewers to this site and some of them may actually be songwriters. And it makes my life easier with all my other responsibilities.



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Bump... Linnstrument arrived earlier then expected.  I had less than a half hour with it before I had to run off to work.

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That sucks! Not that it arrived earlier, but such a brief time to play is surely teasing!

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btw I shared your blog onto the Songstuff Facebook page :)

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Thanks Rudi.


Looks like I'm getting a new computer whether I like it or not.


When testing I noticed that the linnstrument would fall asleep over time (an hour) due to lack of current running through the usb.  So I'd have to close the program, disconnect then reconnect the usb and reopen the program.  I got tired of that and decided to use a power supply as it has a power supply input and I have a power supply that matches the input.  I decided to switch from the supplied usb cable to a midi-usb cable I have just for testing purposes.  It worked fine.   

And then..... and then....

When I went back to using the usb out on the linnstrument the usb was not recognized.  I tried to re install the drivers to my damndest to no avail.  What's worse is that now my usb-midi cable was not being recognized either.  I had another usb-midi cable lying around so I tried to use that.... Nothing.


The midi out on the linnstrument works fine on the only non computer midi device I have.



My ztars are also not responding via the midi-usb cable.


Conclusion.  It's my computers hardware registry.  I tried updating, uninstalling re installing.  Everything.

So I go on the web with chrome and there is a little note from google.  Chrome will no longer be supported in Vista as MS no longer supports vista.


It's time for a new OS.  The problem is Windows is not offering upgrades to Win10 from Vista. If you want to buy Win10 you can but it's got no warranty and my hardware may not support the OS.  Yippie :angry2:


The linnstrument took a lot out of me financially.


I do have a windows10 laptop but it's simply not powerful enough.  It was a dell refurbished unit that got an os upgrade to windows7 from which I got an upgrade to Win10.  It's got a centrino (yikes) processor not much ram or hard drive space. It's a business class computer (stripped of features) that I only use for work. I'm reluctant to plug the linn in and run it through there.


So I'm going to have to wait a month before I can price desktop computers.  I'll prolly get a Dell

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ouch !  :(


At least you understand the nature of the problem. I wouldn't have the first clue

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Yep did all that too. about a hundred times.  Also tried all my usb connections with my midi - usb connectors and the direct usb from the linnstrument.  Same thing.  I keep getting "The device was not successfully installed" when I try to run things again.


I think I just have an overload of usb-midi connectors that I've used through the years.  I spent a lot of time with the device manager trying to get anything midi to run.


Meanwhile I took the plunge.  I bought a Dell with an 17 4790 (4th generation) processor. 16 gigs of ram and 256 gig ssd and a 2 terabyte hard drive.  Looks like things are going to be a little thin this month.  

Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft and as a result many companies have or will stop supporting it soon.  Even chrome gave me a flag saying it would no longer update my browser.



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