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Life in a Body Bag

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f*ck school I like valium and coke
Keep drinking vodka until I choke
Feels like Im at the end of my rope

But the party must go on non stop
Cops arrive with guns and and I pull out my glock

Cant fire a shot before my bodys filled with lead
Boom surprise motherfker you‘re dead

Get carried away in a body bag
Well I still dont give a damn

Somehow get revived in the morgue
Holes in my body my soul is torn

Wake up inside the body bag and begin to scream

What the f*ck is this is it a dream

The coroner freaks out and begins to shout
And Im just like motherf*cker let me out!

Cant be sure though is it real or is it hell?
I was sure I died when I got shot and fell

Was it divine intervention
or just a figment of my imagination
Just like these rhymes here
Maybe I‘ll have another beer

Words just spill out of my mouth for fun
Just like a hoe choking and spitting out cum

But here I am nearing the end of my run
Shit where the f*ck is my gun

Please God forgive me my sins
If you wont then f*ck it you win
I‘ll just have another sip of gin

This is it the rhymes may be done
But that dont mean theres no more fun
I may die but my words aint gone



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Yeah I had the exact same feeling about those lines. Will be changing them.


Cheers for the feedback and advice!

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