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Alo vs Force

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im a lyrical king there isnt one line where im not lion

like tiger in the woods i swing white against the hood 

you dont relion  your self  so let me call you debby

downer wannab,able to suckseed as a king

 but your just like prince ever since 

you tryed to swallow eminems flow all in one go you little hoe

mo more money more media statements

scoob if you hear me bitch im still waiting

im very inpatient so ill take this battle with force as training

but in the end ill leave with noone remaining

im phenomenal 
with literacy literally lyricaly unstoppable
follow me force im a rolemodel real responsibble
physically i hold a 6 pack on my abdominal

ill open up a can an whoop ass

put the other 5 into a bag 
 beat youuntil your bodydents into the grass

im not a sorry guy  but i appolgise
 for speaking out of place with such a violent ryhme

im still  tryna counteract violence (count iraqs)

why dont we just stop and take a moment of silence

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Force i see your laying stiff 
In a <ditch>)) like a,<bitch>

i dont hear a word 
neither do i hear a pip

your playing victim likea ,<SNICH>)

mumbling and jumbling your words like a bitch
yourr a punk
sharing similar minds states
of your primematesin a pub
whoms mind <ECHOES> the voice of a intoxicated  drunk?
please stand up so i can make you stand down
understand we can standdown
i stand out

Amongst the crowd

you your dumb 
drunkon baffoon?
if you think i wouldnt comeback
stronger n morre improved
then you misasumed
 who sucked the gas straight from the baloon
shaped big and round like the ass of a baboon


lemi pause that rewind it reload the tune

lemi pause that rewind it reload the tune


do you think, i can win it?
this battle again against force
do you think it? 
hes the winner?
oh yeah of course.

many sylbles?
have i fit systematiclly
over the beat?
ive systematically fit sybles 
many sylbles 
have i fit

do you think? intulectually?
every ryme i write is like a drug
entering your mind 
giving you a buzz of concsiousness
an ever lasting taste of my insightfullness

you say im not king then im lion

if you say im not lying then im king
you your a rodent in a ratrace
playing game with animal in jungle

robots zombies aliens and unknown gods


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